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If a game is forfeited, the non-forfeiting team officially wins 1-0 in high school and College Football. The exception is if the offended team is already ahead at the time of the forfeit, in which case the score stands as-is.

Though it has never happened, it is possible for a team to score just one point in a college football game (if the offensive team somehow gets tackled in their own endzone for a safety on the PAT, the defensive team would be awarded one point), but the other team has to score at least one touchdown for this to be possible.

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Q: How can you win a football game by the score of 1 to nothing?
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What is the lowest winning American football score?

If one team scores a Safety and that is the only score in the game, then they win 2-0.

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Could an NFL team win a game one to nothing?

No, the lowest score possible would be 2-0

According to NFL rules can a team win a game by the score of one to nothing?

There is no way for a team to win 1-0. In the NFL, if a team forfeits, the opponent is declared the winner by a score of 2-0.

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