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Try using your legs, When you push off with your legs you put less strain on your throwing arm. If you watch MLB pitchers, pay close attention to the way they push off the mound when they pitch. When you learn to coordinate your push off with your throwing motion, it will help you throw a lot harder

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Q: How can you throw a baseball harder?
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How does a baseball pitch go faster?

Throw it harder.

Why is harder to throw a bowling ball than a baseball?

It's heavy

If Nick can throw a baseball 300 feet how far can he throw a softball?

im not sure what the distance would be but i do know that it would be shorter, it is harder to throw a softball then it is to throw a baseball Disregard the fact that this person answered your question. The correct answer is the same distance as a baseball.

How do you throw the baseball harder?

you throw the ball harder by pulling your arm all the way back and with all your force lean forward and let the ball go. but I will say it takes practice and practice

Can you throw a baseball faster if you were to wined up your hand or throw it normally both throwing in the overhand position?

i once thought that winding up made me throw harder then someone had a radar gun and there was no difference when i throw normally

Who throws harder pitchers or outfielders?

Pitchers throw harder... by a little bit.

Which is harder to hit baseball pitches or softball pitches?

Softball pitches because girls can throw more heat and baseballs are smaller.

Does having big muscles make you a better sports player?

In some ways in tennis i may help you hit the ball harder. same with baseball or you may be able to throw the ball harder.

How do you speed up your fastball?

Throw it harder

Is it harder to throw a football when its cold out side?


What is harder to hit in baseball when you throw over hand or throw under?

Even though I'm a baseball player, it is harder to hit it under hand when the pitches are thrown at equal reaction times. -When the softball is thrown under hand, its harder to adjust because the ball rises. Its more natural to move your arms down than to come up. Having experience in fast-pitch, rise ball usually gets the job done :]

How is baseball harder than softball?

baseball is harder, because the ball is smaller. Witch makes it harder to hit the ball.

Is bread harder to throw up?

yes yes yes it is harder to puke! if you're going to throw up something, avoid bread/pastries/rolls/bagels/etc. icecream is the EASIEST.

Is a baseball harder than a lacrosse ball?

No. A lacrosse ball is much harder than a baseball.

How do you make my yo yo spin longer?

Throw it down harder

Which one is harder gymnastics or baseball?


How much force does it take to throw a baseball?

It depends on how hard you grip the ball. The lighter you grab the ball the faster it will go and the harder you grip the ball the slower it shall go.

Is softball of baseball the harder sport to play?

softball is so much harder! baseball is such a wimpy spot for guys.. there pitching is just like throwing.. so yea softball is harder.. so all the guys out there who think baseball is harder DIE

How do you throw a baseball faster?

place your two fingers (index+middle) on the seams of the baseball and then throw it

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is easier to do throw a baseball 60 mph or throw a shot-put 60 mph?


Why is throwing a bowling ball harder than throwing a baseball?

Because bowling balls are denser, therefore being 'heavier' than baseballs. That means it takes more energy to throw.

What does pine tar do for baseball pitchers?

It typically gets them thrown out of the game. Pine tar gives better traction on the ball and lets the pitcher throw pitches that are harder for the batter to hit.

Which is more dangerous basketball or baseball?

Baseball. Harder then it looks.

Which ball is harder a baseball or a softball?

baseball in my mind. Jrc