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By using The Force

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Q: How can you throw a ball so that it goes to a complete stop and reverse without hitting a wall?
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How do you throw a ball has hard as you can and get it back without hitting something?

Throw it straight up.

How can you throw a ball with all your might and without hitting a wall or other obstruction have it stop and come right back to you?

Throw it into the wind, or throw it straight up.

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and make it stop and return to you without hitting anything and with nothing attached to it?

Throw it vertically upward. At max height the velocity will be zero, so without hitting anything it'll return to it's origional position.

How do you throw a ball and have it come back to you without it touching anything or anybody hitting it back to you?

1. Throw it up.2. Play tetherball.

How can you throw a ball so it will reverse direction and return to you without the ball bouncing against or touching any solid object?

Throw towards top

How can you throw a ball with all your might without hitting a wall or other obstruction have the ball stop and come right back to you?

You throw it straight up, it will come back down to you...

Acceleration is negative if?

You throw it into reverse =)

Can you give me a sentence with the word reverse?

Now get ready to throw it into reverse.

What is the effect when reverse peristalsis occurs?

You throw up

How do you win the game curling?

By hitting your big toe when you throw the granite stone.

What does the rubberband ball do in bully?

you throw it and it will bounce around the room hitting anyone in its path

If the a line drive strikes the pitchers rubber and the catcher catches it is he out?

No he is not out. Hitting the rubber is like hitting the ground. He would have to throw out the batter, runner at first base.

Why do football players throw spirals?

It is harder to catch anything less than a spiral, and that you probably wont complete any passes without throwing it that way!

Can you inbound a basketball hitting the front of the backboard?

If you throw it in the square on the backboard correctly. it will most likely go in. :D

How do you beat shockwave in transformers the game?

first when he appears in a tank take a branch or a pole and keep hitting him do not throw it on him, after he comes in robot mode just keep on hitting him with your hand and follow him everywhere he goes.

How do you throw him into the fire in svr 2010?

Keep fighting them Grapple then walk them to the ropes then it'll reverse or you win

Can you throw your kid out of your house without notice?

yes you can

What is it called to throw without force?

pass , toss (?)

How do you crack an egg without your thumb?

Throw it on the ground

What does a Jugs Instant Screen do?

The Jugs Instant Screen is a portable net meant to catch baseballs, softballs, soccerballs and more when you practice in a small space. The net will catch the ball and you can throw without having to worry about hitting something or someone.

What can you do to get rid of chipmunks?

If they're in your house then call a rodent exterminator while if they're in your yard than just throw rocks (without hitting anyone else!). You cannot really get rid of them when they're outdoor but if you're lucky then you can chase them off.

How do frisbees work?

You hold the disc along the rim and put enough power and spin on the disc so that is flies away. Wind can also help carry the disc farther. The goal is to throw is to your friend without the disc hitting the ground.

What are the physics involved in softball pitching and hitting?

Well, it's pretty much the power in how hard you can throw. Answer: Throwing. (You use your muscles)

Why shouldn't you throw stuff across the room?

because you could end up hitting someone or smashing a very expensive item.

What is a reasonable thing to throw in dodgeball?

There are light weight inflatable balls that can be used. Heavier balls like basketballs tend to cause injuries. Use an under hand throw or over head throw and avoid hitting anyone in the head. That would be a foul.