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Composite bats more dull sounds when hit (close to a wood bat) while aluminum makes a "loud ping" once contact is made

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Q: How can you tell if your bat is aluminum or composite?
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Which bat hits the ball the farthest aluminum or composite?


Is the demarini voodoo black composite or aluminum?

The DeMarini Voodoo Black bat is made of aluminum alloy.

Can you use a -8.5 aluminum bat in babe Ruth leagues?

Yes you can! Especially since it's aluminum... I recommend a composite bat though. Composite bats have way more pop than aluminum bats. I would recommend the cf3 or cf4 for a new bat. Or try the stealth!

Is the nike imara alloy bat composite?

I just got that same bat (for $25 I can't believe it) and I'm pretty sure that it is half composite and half aluminum but I can't be sure. It makes a funny noise when you hit something with it and its not pure composite or pure aluminum so I think its a mix.

What is a softball bat made up of?

It depends on the type and quality of bat, some are made of aluminum, others composite. The higher end bats are usually a type of composite alloy mix.

Why do composite bats hit farther than aluminum?

The composite bats have a trampoline like affect that give the ball more distance. Aluminum is more stiff and has less of a trampoline affect than a composite bat would.

How can you tell if a composite softball bat is dead?

see if its breathing

What baseball bats are composite?

There are a lot bats that have some composite or all composite. If you are looking for a good bat to buy that is composite, I would recommend a combat, they are 100% composite, so they have a really good pop, and they have a very long barrel which means the sweet spot is a lot bigger.

Is it dangerous to use a aluminum bat in hard ball fast pitch?

Not as dangerous as the newer composite bats.

Is it easier to hit a ball with an aluminum or composite bat?

Composite bats are better because the way they hit the ball moves it farther. It is also usually lighter then the aluminum, so it's easier to swing.

What baseball bat did Spalding offer?

A division of Spalding was set to introduce the Fusion bat; a composite of aluminum and graphite, it was supposed to provide a lighter, faster swing.

What is the best small barrel baseball bat?

It depends on wheather you are looking for a composite or an aluminum bat. If you are looking at an aluminum bat, Stealth CNT's are a good choice. I just finished my last season with a small barrel bat, and i had the 2009 Stealth CNT. If it is a composite bat you are looking for then i would recommend a COMbat. However, be sure to take into account the player's size, weight, and skill. If you cant make contact with the ball, why does it matter what bat you use. :) Good Luck!