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shes in phonebook call her

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Q: How can you talk with WWE diva trish stratus?
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Where is WWE diva trish stratus?

trish stratus is in tranto Canada (her home town ) and she hosted raw 1 time .

How old is WWE diva trish stratus?

Trish Stratus is 35 years old but, in 2011 she will be 36 . Trish was born December 18 , 1975 . I'm actually Trish's niece .

Who sings wwe diva trish stratus's theme song?

lil kim

Which WWE diva is a?

if you meant the greatest diva it was trish stratus 6 time women's champion or lita who was and is and will always be a slut

Does WWE diva trish stratus feet smell?

Yes, I've heard she has sweaty soles.

Which WWE diva has a sextape?

the only divas i know of that have sex tapes r trish stratus and Candice Michelle

Who is the richest WWE diva?

the answer to your question is trish stratus thats net worth is 20 million dollars

Which WWE diva has the biggest booty?

i guess it would have to be Laylas, or Victorias, Stacy kiebler , mickie James, or trish stratus.

Who is the longest running WWE Woman's Champion?

Trish Stratus held the Diva's title the longest in the WWE. She held it for over 36 months. Therefore she held it the longest in the WWE.

Who won the most WWE women's championships?

Trish Stratus is the WWE diva who won the most WWE Women's Championships. She has won the women's championship 7 times, the most in WWE history.

Was trish stratus in tna?

Trish Stratus was exclusive to WWE her entire career.

What WWE diva had a sex tape?

Candice Michelle, Melina, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Mickie James ,Lita ,Kelly Kelly

When did trish stratus retier?

Trish Stratus retired on September 17, 2006 against Lita, and she won the WWE Diva championship. It was the womens championship in her hometown of Toronto using Bret the hit man hart sharpshooter

What WWE Diva has the largest breasts?

It has to be JilliaN Hall, her breasts are bigger than her head for crying out loud.Maryse/trish stratus/lita

What happen to trish stratus?

what happen to trish stratus and will she return to wwe? Sept 9, 2008 Trish retired to marry her high school sweetheart as for coming back to WWE that is up to her.

What happended to trish status from WWE?

Trish Stratus is now a trainer on WWE Tough Enough

What is WWE diva maria kanellis email address?

wwe maria email is .... any way i am going to give u the email of the greatest womens champion of all time trish stratus ! how about that ? trish email ;

How do you unlock trish stratus in WWE 12?

You can not unlock Trish Stratus unfortunately, if you would like her in the roster, you have to download her from the WWE'12 DLC Pack, sorry :/.

Who do you think makes a better couple Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus or Carlito and Trish Stratus?

trish has slep with every guy in wwe so it is.......................................................................................................................... trish and chris Jericho

Why did Trish Stratus retire the WWE?

she was to hot

Who is The Best Diva in WWE History?

trish stratus big time Without a doubt the only answer here is Trish Stratus. Minus her injuries Lita may have been right up there as well but Trish is in a category all by herself. Wonder when the WWE is going to induct her into the Hall of Fame? this is a little different from wwe but in wwf history the toughest but definetly not the hottest is china she the only diva to be in the royal rumble and have a chance at heavyweight champion Consider that WWE is an entertain venue and not a real sport in that "wins" are pre-rehearse the question should be re-phrased, "Which Diva held the "Champion" belt the longest?" Champion meaning the most popular.

When did WWE Trish Stratus start wrestling?

It is not cleat when Trish Stratus began to wrestle, as in before WWE, but she started to wrestle with the company in March 19th 2001 in Monday Night Heat.

What actors and actresses appeared in Yoga for Men with WWE Champion Trish Stratus and World Series Winner Joe Carter - 2013?

The cast of Yoga for Men with WWE Champion Trish Stratus and World Series Winner Joe Carter - 2013 includes: Trish Stratus as herself

Which WWE divas were born in december?

Trish Stratus

Who is the hottest chick in WWE?

trish stratus or lita