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well if your dating them then say that he needs to cut down on football and spend more timme with you, but dont get a friend to tell him, you tell him yourself. you just need to convinse him.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-29 20:47:12
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Q: How can you stop boys of playing football?
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What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

What year of junior Australian Rules football do girls have to stop playing?

They don't. They do have to stop playing in a boys league at the age of 13. the last seson they play is under 12's.

Where is the two boys now?

the two boys are playing football

What illness can stop you from palying basketball?

No illness can stop you from playing football. Many illnesses will stop you from playing competitive football fro major leagues.

Why is football such a good sport to boys?

i guess its because its a physical sport and boys enjoy watching and playing football.

The boys playing football look tired- what is the participle?

playing is the participle, do you know what the modifier is?

The boys broke the window when they were playing the football o the boys broke the window when they played football?

If you take away the 'the' in the first sentence they are both gramatically fine.

Use coerce in a sentence?

The boys parents coerced him into playing football

When did Darren Lockyer stop playing football?


Do more girls play soccer than boys?

No there are more boys playing football (soccer) than girls, unfotunately.. but girls aren't quite accepted in this game, I should know since I play football (soccer).. it's getting more and more accepted, but it's still weird for boys to see a girl playing football, and enjoying it.

When did girls stop playing football with the boys?

In the UK, from the age of 13 mixed gender contact sport is not allowed due to the physical differences between boys and girls, mainly strength. Health and Safety as per usual. It is the same in most countries.

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What age do premiership footballers stop playing football?


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the brady boys were playing football

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since boys AND girls play Pokemon if a legendary was a boy the girls would stop playing Pokemon and if a legendary Pokemon was a girl the boys would stop playing its becase if they wer boys and girls people would trade and breed them

How many conussions can you have before you should stop playing football?

apparently you have had a few too many........ And should stop now.

When did Brian Mitchell stop playing football?

Brian Mitchell stopped playing football in the year 2000. Brian Mitchell played football for 14 seasons, and was one of the most widely-known football players, both for his talent and the length of time he played.

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stop playing club penguin and get a life!

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Not really but if that is what you like then do not let anyone stop you from playing it.

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see there the boys playing football they seem good dont they (by me kamal)

When did African Americans stop playing football?

There has not been a point in time when African-Americans stopped playing football. Currently, approximately 66.3 percent of the players in the NFL are African-American.

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His explanation after his retirement was that he'd played ten years and simply did not wish to continue playing.

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He is playing football where there is football.

Are boys better at video games than girls?

heck yes, because boys are more active they mostly play sports like = football,soccer,basketball,and baseball and boys never really stop jumping and playing video games. Girls just make fashions, get their hair done,go shopping, cook[not that cooking is lame], and listen to music. So boys are better at video games then girls.