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Q: How can you retrieve your lost compensation for a missing finger?
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Why is Jessica Dube missing a finger?

She lost her finger due to a lawn mower accident when she was young.

Does telly savalas have a finger missing?

Yes,he lost half of his left index finger as a child.

How do you use the word retrieve in a sentence?

The dog would retrieve the sticks many times while jumping the fence. He went to the lost and found to retrieve his missing notebook.

Which finger is Jerry Garcia missing?

He is missing two-thirds of his right middle finger. He lost part of that finger in a accident at the age of four while helping his older brother chop wood.

Ky wkrs comp pays how much for finger amputation?

The amount of worker's compensation received will depend on the finger lost. Federal guidelines require the complete loss of a thumb to be paid at 75 weeks' compensation and the complete loss of the first finger to be paid at 46 weeks' compensation. The weeks, compensation is based on current pay of the employee and may be adjusted based on the percentage of loss. For instance, if one quarter of the first finger is lost, the adjustment may pay out at one fourth of the 46 weeks' compensation.

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What is the synonym of lost?


What is the Gaelic for to retrieve?

retrieve = vt (something lost) faigh ar aisretrieve = tarrtháilTaken from:

How can you retrieve a lost ebuddy password from msn?

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How can you retrieve lost emails?

haksore2 what is the password because it hack

How can you get retrieve an unsaved Pages document on mac?

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Can you get money for a lost finger?

Sadly no :(

Can I manually retrieve a lost password on dell a dimension?

Please explain where the password was lost. In the os? In the bootup?

How do you retrieve lost email address and password on friendster?

how do you retrieve lost e mail Was forwarding a mail to multiple recipients and mailer demon said some were undeliverable, but then the entire e mail got lost. I received no answer yet.

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Many believe that it depends on the person.

How do you retrieve your lost i-locks for pro tools?

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Number for lost keys

Is losing half of a finger considered a disability?

No it isn't because my auntie lost her finger and tried to claim disability but apparently because she has 4more and it doesn't affect her everyday lie it doesn't count as a disabilityAdded: Not necessarily a PERMANENTLY disabling injury, but it is valued as a percentage of loss of full function, and if you lost it at your employment you can be awarded a percentage amount from Workman's Compensation.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a lost email address. It is very easy to retrieve a lost password. Many times you can contact the company and reset your account if it is website with an account number.

Why did your crisps go missing?

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