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I recommend taking deep breaths and drinking a gulp of water. But during the dash, pace yourself and stop if it is too much for you.

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Q: How can you prevent vomiting after running a 800m dash?
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What are the events in a womens heptathlon?

They are all track-related. If you mean how many are running events, there are 3 running events: 100m hurdles, 200m dash, and the 800m run.

What Athletes have won a Gold Medal for the 400m Dash and 800m Run?

Alberto Juantereno from Cuba won the 400m and 800m at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976.

Standing start in track and field?

When running a race on a track, the runners can be either coming out of the blocks (as in the 100-meter dash through the 400-meter dash) or can stand up at the start line (as in all longer distances). That's the standing start.

What is the olympic 100m dash?

it is a running event :)

What is the distance Usain Bolt is running in the Olympics?

The 100m dash, 200m dash and 4x100m relay.

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What are some words associated with running?

sprint, dash, fast-walk?

How fast will your 60 yd be if you run your 40 yard dash in 4.27seconds?

Running 40 yards in 4.2 seconds is equal to running 19.5 MPH.

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What is the fastest time a man has ran the 800 meter?

As of 18 May 2013, the fastest 800m run (or 800m world record) was done at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom, on the 9th of August by David Rudisha of Kenya. Rudisha ran the 800m in 1:40.91, breaking his own world record by ten hundredths of a second (previously 1:41.01). You can watch his awesome run in the video in the related links section.

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smashing dashing, stunning running