How can you play golf better?

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Practice, practice, and more practice.

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Q: How can you play golf better?
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Why was the golf club invented?

to play golf better

Is it better to freeze your golf balls before you play?

No, that will make the golf ball slippery and hard to play with.

Do you play better golf with expensive golf balls?

It's not so much about playing better golf as gaining greater distance with your shots.

What is the quickest and easiest way to reduce your golf handicap?

Play better golf by practising more.

Where do the people play golf?

They play golf at a golf coarse

Why do you play golf?

I play golf because it is fun.

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What is better golf or cricket?

golf is better than cricket

How do you say play golf in Spanish?

I play golf is 'Yo juego al golf' or if you meant to play golf, 'Jugar al golf'For example in a sentence 'Me gusta jugar al golf' = I like to play golf

When was How to Play Golf created?

How to Play Golf was created in 1944.

Why is soccer better than golf?

Because soccer is better than golf.

Where do you go to play golf?

a golf course

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