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Q: How can you pass on your line manager directives to the team without demoralising them?
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What are the disadvantages of writing programs with 'in-line assembler' directives?

The simple answer is that the resulting program is not portable.

Is Line manager functional manager?


What does a assembly-line manager do?

The assembly-line manager or supervisor is only responsible for the line that he or she oversees

Is improving job performance relates to line manager or staff manager?

I think its line manager responsibility

Who should have more of a say during negotiations for resources the project manager or the line manager?

Ofcourse line manager

What is the difference between project manager and line manager?

A Project Manager manages the work taken up by a single project whereas the Line Manager will be managing the work taken up by a line of projects. Usually projects in organizations are aligned based on the line of business, catered to, by the project. Hence, they will have a Line Manager who manages all those projects The Line manager will interact/liase with the Project Managers who manage the projects that fall in his line.

Illustrate the HR management responsibilities of line and staff managers?

Line manager A manager who is authorized to direct the work of subordinates and is responsible for accomplishing the organization's tasks. Staff manager A manager who assists and advises line managers.

What does line manager do?

line manager can issue order to the suubordinates or other managers. a line manager is responsible for the basiic function of an organization that heko the organization to run /exit(sales /marketing /preduction)

What is meant by a direct line manager?

A line manager, sometimes called a direct manager, is a person who directly manages other employees and is responsible for the administrative management of the individual as well as the functional management. If someone refers to their "boss" they mean the individual who is their line manager.

What are the various preprocessor directives available in c?

Some of them are: #include #define #if, #else, endif, #elif, #ifdef, #ifndef #line #pragma

What do a assembly line do?

The assembly-line manager or supervisor is only responsible for the line that he or she oversees

What are the differences between first line management and second line management?

First line management is the individual that is responsible for overseeing the entering operation of the line. Second line management is often on duty when the first line manager is not. These individual will usually try to find an acceptable solution in accordance with company policies. When they cannot find a solution the second line manager will then take the concern to the first line manager during shift changes.