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go to and you will find a complete list

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Q: How can you obtain a list of all the college NCAA Division 1 and 2 women's volleyball teams?
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Which college won the 2008 womens volleyball national championship?

Penn State won the Division I championship in 2008.

What is the difference between womens volleyball and mens volleyball?

in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball girl vball is more a bout control, and boys is more about power and hitting it hard.....even if it get hit out of bounce!

Is Lemoyne college division one?

They are Division I in only Mens' baseball and Womens' Lacrosse. All other sports are Division II. They are considering going to Division I for all sports.

What is the height of the volleyball net for womens and co-ed?

The height of the volleyball net for women's indoor volleyball is 7'4"

What is the height of a womens olympic volleyball net?


Can a current Division 1 womens Volleyball player coach a high school boys volleyball team during the off season?

well if she offers handjobs and bj's its all good and also a reach around if necessary

What is the height of the net for women's volleyball?

the height of the net for womens volleyball is eight feet high

What college has won the most NCAA Division 1 Womens Lacrosse Championships?

northwestern has won the most recent one

What division 1 colleges have womens soccer?

Boston College is recognized by the National College Athletic Association for their Division 1 Woman's soccer. Other states with colleges the NCAA recognizes are California, Indiana, and Colorado.

Longest winning streak in college womens volleyball history?

Penn State - 111 matches

How many sets do they play in womens volleyball?

Three out of five

Does Sheila Castro of Brazil womens volleyball have a boyftriend?


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