How can you meet the undertaker?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Undertaker is my all time favorite wrestler. Does anybody know how I can meet him? From Nick Harvey

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Q: How can you meet the undertaker?
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How did undertaker and Kane meet?

i believe that they are brothers

How did Michelle McCool meet Undertaker?

in WWE Smackdown

How many times have Triple H and Undertaker been in a elimination chamber match?

Once, this year at noway out triple h and undertaker meet in a chamber.

What is it like in the WWE for the undertaker will you ever get to meet him is he nice is he mean will you get an autograph if you meet him?

it's rough for him. possibly. yes. yes. yes. no.

Who will win at wrestlemania 28 Triple H or undertaker?

We'll find out when they meet at WrestleMania.

What do I need to do to meet Mark Callaway Also known as the Undertaker?

just go to the royal rummble and get his autograph in real life

Can you meet WWE superstars after show?

Proprobley I have never been to a live wwe event but my friends have took a pic with the undertaker after a match

Who is stronger the Undertaker or John Cena?


Who was another undertaker?

brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

How do you address a undertaker?


Where did the undertaker go?

where is the undertaker at

How can you meet Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker?

Well, You can send him an awesome drawing/ videotape. Make sure to put it in a box that is sure to get his attention. And in the box, write a letter asking for him to meet you in person.