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in order to play hockey..... you MUST practice your shots, skating forward and backwards, cross-overs, sprinting, "super-man"

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Q: How can you learn to play hockey?
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Can you give me a sentence for the word hockey?

In hockey there are fundamentals you have to learn before you play.

Where did Patrik Elias learn to play hockey?

At the thomas redford Hockey school

How to play hockey?

First of all hockey is not a toy. but In order to get good at hockey you have to play for a while. In all honesty this is a stupid question because you are not going to learn to play hockey on the computer. You may learn the rules but you will not know the game until you physically play the game.

Where might one learn how to play pond hockey?

Pond hockey is a very intense game. If one wants to learn how to play pond hockey, one can go to check Life123's site. They have a full tutorial on how to play pond hockey.

How do you become a hockey player?

Learn how to skate, learn how to play, sign up for a team.

How do you play hockey better?

Practice and learn from those who are better than you!

Why Kids should play hockey?

Hockey is a very physical sport. For this reason, hockey helps kids become healthy, strong, and competitive. Hockey can be very fun for kids who have a passion to learn, listen, and play hard. So, in the long run, go play some hockey!

What will you need to learn to play ice hockey even if you play field hockey?

learn how to skate get some equiptment how to take a shot how the play goes like, offsides, penalties, positions, etc etc a sugest getting some private lessons befor group stuff

How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

If you play AAA hockey do you play hockey in college?


What will my son learn playing ice hockey?

Your son will learn teamwork and sportsmanship while playing hockey.

What is the difference between floor hockey and ice hockey?

Floor Hockey you play on grass,ice hockey you play on ice

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