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I like to just rub them on the ground. but you can lick your hand and wipe the bottoms of them. or try cleaning the bottom/

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Q: How can you get traction back on your basketball shoes?
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Do basketball players have special shoes?

Yes, basketball players usually wear basketball shoes designed specifically for basketball games. These basketball shoes are professionally designed to meet the various specific needs required in the game of basketball, such as providing foot support, stability, traction, and shock absorption. Search BabaReplica in Google.

Does a basketball have traction?

Everything has traction.

Should you wear your basketball shoes outside?

NO! if you wear them outside, they lose traction so if you try to turn on a basketball floor, you slide ALOT

Why do football players wear shoes having studs on shoes?


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If you are referring to Kobe shoes then yes they are basketball shoes they are some of the best basketball shoes in the NBA today

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How do you tell if you have basketball shoes?

I think you have basketball shoes by the type of brand.

How is basketball shoes changed?

how have basketball shoes change ove the years

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Why the computer is the good thing?

Tennis shoes are typically flat soled shoed that are ideal for getting traction on pavement, concrete or clay. Basketball sneakers are usually arched and have springier soles, due to the fact that basketball players need vertical leaps.

What basketball shoes that make you taller?

No, basketball shoes do not make you jump higher. They are meant to keep your ankles safe from the constant changing of direction that occurs in basketball. Some shoes may claim to help you jump higher, but that is just a way for them to sell shoes. If you want to jump higher, there are plenty of drills you can find by searching Google that will help improve your jumping specifically for basketball.

Why do sprinters wear spiked shoes?

for more traction