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Send a letter or email to them asking for permission to use their logo. Explain what you intend to use their logo for, and if you are using the logo on a commercial product (something you intend to sell) mention that as well.

(Quoted from: national-football-league)

Contact Information:

National Football League

280 Park Ave., 15th Fl.

New York, NY 10017

NY Tel. 212-450-2000

Fax 212-681-7599

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Q: How can you get permision to use a licensed logo from the NFL?
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Do you have to have patent to use nfl logo?

No, you need a license from the holder of the trademark.

Using a NASCAR logo on a product to sell?

You must be licensed to use it. The NASCAR logo is copyright protected and ZEALOUSLY protected by aggressive legal action.

Can you use NFL logo images for software for instance using a teams logo in conjunction with facts about that team on a website or in software?

With permission.

How do you become officially licensed to sell a product using another companys logo?

You must contact the legal department of the compy shose logo you wish to use and get their permission.

Can you use The Steelers logo in art?

No. that would be copy write infringement of a licensed item. You would need written permission from then to do that.

Which NFL team has no logo?

The Cleveland Browns have no logo on their helmets. In print and on the Internet, they use the orange helmet with no logo, as their primary logo. They also have a secondary logo consisting of a brown 'B' on an orange and brown stripe, enclosed in a brown outline in the shape of a football.

Can you legally use an NFL team logo on a website?

NO !!! you will need an NFL licensing agreement to use any NLF or NFL team logos ... Refer to link posted @ bottom of page ...I've been researching this for a design client myself and the only thing I've found so far is and that only talks about merchandising stuff (t-shirts, hats, etc.) Still looking, will post when I find something.I believe that website is for anyone that is manufacturing a new product like a jacket or a coffee mug, etc...and want to use the NFL logo or any or all 32 nfl team logos as well.I would like to know if you simply resell a trademarked nfl item like a jacket with tags that are genuine with the nfl halogram logo, can you use the NFL logo in the advertising of those products in print magazines for example or on a website?

Can you print the NFL logo on a newsletter that is given out for free?

It depends on how the logo is used. Any implication that the newsletter was coming from or related to the NFL would be a violation, but if, say, a college newsletter was saying "two students interned with the NFL this semester," that should be defensible under fair use.

Can you use college sports team logos?

You are not allowed to sell or gain profit from an officially licensed collegiate logo unless permission is obtained from that university

Does one need a license to sell merchandise with an NFL team logo?

Yes. Logos are registered trademarks of the team. You would need the permission of the team to sell something you made that has the logo of a team on it. How do you go about getting permission to use team logos? And do you need permission to use team fight songs? The NFL actually has a web site set up to answer this question. Take a look at for all of the information that you'll need about licensing an NFL team logo.

How much does a license to use an NFL logo cost?

Your looking at 100k to use the logos if you profit from it... good luck with that... doent matter how mall or how large. It 100k

How do you buy a replica Super Bowl trophy?

Selling a replica Superbowl trophy infringes on the intellectual property rights of the creator, Tiffany & Co silversmiths. What you do need permission for is the use of the NFL logo. There are many organizations who have permission to use the logo in fact most reputable football memorabilia companies do have this. The product is not produced by the NFL so if you did have permission to use NFL logo, selling a Superbowl would not be illegal with the NFL. There are a few sites selling the Superbowl replica but after reading most reviews and having personal experience the copytrophy site offers the best quality replicas by far.

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