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forge a note from a parent

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Q: How can you get out of softball practice?
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How do you become an accurate softball pitcher?


How can softball players throw so far?

Cause they practice. ALOT.

How does cold weather affect softball?

Because It to cold and then will not get a good practice or game.

What is softball facility?

A softball facility is an indoor facility that has a closed in field that is the same field as an actual field. You can practice or host games here. Often times, there are batting cahes inside of the softball facility.

Help in softball pitching and catching relations?

to help with pitching in softball you can go to softball camps and they will help you a lot i went to one now i can pitch really good!:) now to help you with catching whether your talking about being behind the plate or in the field your can just practice and you will be really good! All it takes is practice.

What can you inject in a softball to make it harder?

Nothing, real ball players dont need loaded softball bats or doctored balls. Man up, practice a little and get better.

Why does your pencil speak Italian have a tail goes to pastime to practice softball and dates an eraser?

what hoo knows??

How do softball baseball players train to improve performance?

* Physical conditioning * Ball handling drills * Batting practice

When is softball season?

usually it is during the spring/summer. although you will find teams that play during the fall in a fall ball leauge. and travel softball teams most of the time practice year round

What majors do you participate in to become a softball player?

When going to college and playing softball at the same time, you can study any major and play softball. There is no major restriction if you play a sport. At a lot of schools, it you play sports you get priority registration so that you can work around your practice and game schedule.

What do you need to do in 7-12 grade to pursue your career as a pro softball player?

Some major things you can do are:stay in shape (like workout: pushups, running, mostly speed training)get as much practice in as you can to get your techniques downand just...... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

What should you plan on doing as a player at softball practice?

you should expect running stretching fundamentals( fielding..etc)hitting