How can you get out of playing a basketball game?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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get your mum to write a letter saying your ill ?

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Q: How can you get out of playing a basketball game?
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How do you use math when playing basketball?

Score the game.

What are the best seats in basketball game?

my opinion is that you are a nerd you are not playing the game, fool.

When did people started playing basketball?

The first game of Basketball was played on December 21st, 1891.

Which basketball term is defined as the playing area for a game?


How long is the playing time of the basketball game?

60 minutes

What game was Justin Bieber playing in the video one time?

he was playing basketball with his stepbrother

How do you get the basketball trophy on

By playing basketball in the game more often and getting more points as you play.

What is the main similarity of playing the game of volleyball and basketball?

There isn't because volleyball is wayy better than basketball.

What is a good song to listen to when playing basketball?

None you should be into the game not a song ...

What game is Shannon Brown known for?

Shannon Brown is known for playing basketball for the NBA. Prior to him playing for the NBA he played for Michigan State University. He has been playing pro basketball for 6 years.

When did Larry Bird start playing basketball?

Larry Bird started playing basketball at the age of 6 in 1962 for his YMCA league team he averaged 20.8 points a game.

Can you drink alcohol at NCAA basketball games?

if you are above 21 and watching the game, yes. if you are not 21 or playing the game, then no.