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Q: How can you get a background of a match attax card?
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What do you do with a you i-card in match attax?

You enter it onto and you can create your own on line Match Attax team.

Is the trophy card from Match Attex rare?

There is no match attax trophy in 08-09 but in in the match attax extra 07-08 it was really common i had in triple

Can you get free Match Attax?

No, not normally unless you trade with somebody on the Match Attax website and they never send you the card. Then Match Attax will send you that card free. (sometimes you can ask for more...)

Where to buy match attax in Singapore?

If the new match attax 09 10, it is around Orchard road. My friend said that there was a orange box that says topps match attax 09 10 Who's in your pack? But the old match attax 08 09,it was sold out. about the new match attax, I am serious. It is selling now. I bought 3 packs and I got Wayne Rooney i-card, theo walcott motm(not signed) and steven Gerrard i-card

What is the code for in match attax you cards?

They are used to play the online match Attax game The answer to this and much more can be found on

When was Match Attax created?

Match Attax was created in 2007.

Whats the difference between match attax and match attax extra?

match attax extra give you the cards they could not fit into the normal match attax and match attax extra also give you cards of players that their team bought in the January transfer window

Where do you type the match attax icard code but not on match attax live?

you have to have match attax live. the code gets you virtual players for your team

What is the rarest match attax card?

David Dunn Limited Edition 08/09

How do you get man of the match match attax?

1 in 2 packets of match attax 11 12

Do you buy match attax in Seven Eleven?

I bought all my match attax from 7-eleven.

What will match attax 2010 2011 be like?

it will be similar to match attax 2009 2010