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You can email her through myspace or if you want the WWE fan email message me and I will get it to you

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Q: How can you get WWE diva Ashley Massaro email address?
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What is WWE diva Ashley's real name?

Ashley Marie massaro

What is the WWE diva Ashley's full name?

Ashley Marie Massaro.

What is WWE diva Ashley's last name?


What is WWE diva Ashley's email address?

WikiAnswers does not provide e-mail addresses.

Who did ex-WWE Diva Ashley Massaro date?

While a member of the WWE roster, Massaro was romantically linked to both Matt Hardy and Paul London.

What is Ashley WWE diva msn address?

She doensnt have a public one!

Who is Ashley Massaro?

Ashley Marie Massaro is the sister of Tiffany Rnee Massaro. Mother of Lexi Massaro. WWE Diva. She was in Timbaland's music video of "Throw It On Me". Dating Matthew Moore Hardy. Was on Survivor China 2nd to go. Was suspended for accidentally spilling coffee on Mr.McMahon. Came back rockin' a new style on Raw Roulette. She was the cover girl of Playboy,Maxim,and Stuff for Men.

Does WWE diva kelly kelly have a email address?


Does WWE diva Ashley massaro have any children?

yes she does her DAUGHTER is called lexi and she is 8 yrs old she also might have a DAUGHTER named alexis

Does WWE diva Torrie Wilson have a email address?

Matt hard dated any WWE divas?

Yes, he dated the WWE Diva Lita in 2001 for four years. She then cheated on him and went on to date WWE Superstar Edge. He also dated former diva Ashley Massaro I think.

Is Matt hardy single as of 2009?

No. He is currently dating former WWE Diva Ashely Massaro. November 2009 sorry but Matt and Ashley have not dated each other since 2007

Would Ashley teach you to be a diva?

No, No one can teach you to be a Diva.

Is Ashley Tisdale known to be a diva?

Yes she is

Does any WWE diva besudes Ashley have a child?

First off, Ashley doesn't.

What is WWE diva ashley's middle name?


Where does WWE diva Ashley live?

long island

Is the WWE diva Ashley still fighting this day?


What WWE divas have porns?

I don't know anything for a fact but I have heard that Melina has a hardcore adult movie and that Ashley Massaro has a softcore adult movie. Of course there is One Night In China with former WWE diva Joanie Laurer. That is all that I know.

Is Ashley dudd a diva?

There is no such famous person as Ashley Dudd. However, there's Ashley Judd, who is a well known American actress. She is not really a diva. In fact, she is known for being very well mannered and nice!

How old is WWE diva Ashley?

32 years old

Which Diva breast implants?

Ashley, and i think jillian and Melina

Where is WWE diva Ashley?

taking care of her sick daughter

Wwe diva Ashley smoke?

yes. i think so...............

Why is WWE diva ashley's daughter ill?

Why does anyone get ill???