How can you gain more bat speed?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Try just swinging it with more thrust in the hips and getting your arms around more effectively, practice daily even if you're not hitting a ball, but DO NOT use a doughnut if you want speed it will actually just slow you down.

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Q: How can you gain more bat speed?
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What bat drop is better?

The bat drop you choose depends on whether you want to increase your speed or power. Choose a larger one for more speed and a smaller one for more power.

Why you have to change gear?

to gain more speed

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

How does a heavy bat affect the momentum of a cricket ball?

the heiver the bat the harder it is to swing and hit the ball so a lighter bat will have more speed and power

How is flexibility used for rounders?

to bat in it

Who has the fastest baseball bat speed?

The Rangers Josh Hamilton with a bat speed of 110-115 mph.

How the bat speed is measured in cricket?

By Speed Radar !!

What does 120 mean on a slowpitch softball bat?

The maximum speed in which a softball can come off the bat at in mph. (The bat's composition or structure is designed to limit the speed of the ball off the bat to 120mph)

Does the material of baseball bat matter?

Yes,the material has an effect on the speed of the ball.Actually,the speed of metal bat is faster than wood .

What is faster-bat speed or a pitchers speed?

it depends on the pitch speed and the batters swing.

Will a ball go further if hit by a wooden bat or a metal bat?

A metal bat will hit the hardest because metal is 85% stronger than a wooden bat.

Does a corked bat help the power of the hit?

corking makes the bat lighter so you can swing it faster therefore generating greater speed at the point of impact with the ball, transferring more speed to the ball as it leaves the bat, causing the ball to fly further (provided you don't break the bat and look like a fool - corking a bat weakens the bat as well as making it lighter).