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Advretise that your looking for a sports sponsor by saying stuff good about your team.Tell them what they want to hear. Tell them what can happen to them.


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Q: How can you find a sport sponsor?
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Can you sponsor an entire sport?

Yes, A-B ( makers of Budweiser) sponsor the whole sport of pro race car driving.

How much is it to sponsor a sport?

around 1.5 million dollars

How do you ask sponsor sport?

you must prepare a proposal.. for making them accept you

How does a ugandan citizen find a Canadian sponsor?

how can i get canadian sponsor

Where do you find the blind board sponsor on skate it?

you can find the sponsor at the rio park after you do some sponsors in Barcelona

Can a school sponsor one NCAA Division 1 sport?

im so pretty

How does a sport that prides itself on self regulation and honesty allow the sponsor of its major event to air ads encouraging lying and being paid for lying?

All they care about is the $$$$$ not who the sponsor is

What happens if i cant find a sponsor for my wife?

if you cant sponsor her then you can look for freinds or family that can joint sponsor her. if there is no one to sponsor her then you have got a problem because you have to be able to proove income on the affadavit of support

How old must a sponsor for an immigrant be?

you can be any age to get sponsored, if your good at the sport that's all that matters.

Where you can find sport forum?

You can find sport forum on sport's sites.

What could I do for sport relief?

You could enter a sport relief mile near you, raise money in schools, get people to sponsor you for doing something or even easier, buy a sport relief good (T-shirts etc).

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

I believe it is Jeff Gordon with the DuPont sponsor.