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See a primary health care provider; a medical doctor, osteopath, or a chiropractor.

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Q: How can you determine what is causing a limp?
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How can you determine what is causing a limp in a horse?

I think you make it gallop, trot, or jump.

How do you notice a limp and determine where it comes from on a horse?

To find out if your horse has a limp, you make it trot, and then you can tell if it has or not.

To notice a limp and determine where it comes from?

make it walk or trot

To notice a horse limp and determine where does it come from?

The horse needs to walk.

What to do baby chick is breathing but limp and not moving?

If your baby chick is breathing but limp, you should take it to the vet's office. They will be able to determine what happened and treat the chick.

To notice a limp and determine where it comes from do you make the horse trot gallop or jump?

you make it trot

Why do i limp everyday?

Go to the doctor. Wiki answers is not psychic and can not determine your medical condition or why you limp. It is also not the forum for medical questions that require attention. Go see a doctor.

How do you determine a horses limp do you trot?

if the horse has really hurt him/her self you will not need to trot but if you think they are limping trotting is the best way to determine if they are lame

What is liquid limp?

liqid limp

Why did Magellan have a limp?

What made magellan limp

What is the birth name of Kelley Limp?

Kelley Limp's birth name is Kelley Marie Limp.

Why are my dogs hips swollen and causing her to limp?

An injury to the hips on a dog could cause the animal to become swollen and limp. Another reason for the swelling and limping could be due to a more serious health issue. Seeking the advice and care of a vet is best.

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