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Step 1: Get a detailed value of the franchise. For example, the current estimated value of the Los Angeles Lakers is around $550million.

Step2: Gather enough investors to buy a major share of the team, usually in a piecemeal (so, buying the shares/team piece by piece).

Step 3: Submit an offer to the current ownership, generally done through the NBA League Office (specifically, the Office of the Commissioner)

Step 4: Make the offer, put up the cash, purchase the team

Step 5: Run the team, make sure everyone is properly paid, continue increasing the value of the team once owned.

Step 6: Sell the team when you are ready to sell it or it can't stay solvent.

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Shop on the NBA Store website. On the home page, click the "Jerseys" link, then select a team on the left-hand side. Click on a category to choose what type of jersey you want. After you've selected a category, browse through the liste jer

rseys until you find what you're looking for

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The Green Bay Packers are the only team with stockholders and is considered a public agency.

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Buy part of the stocks in the NBA team

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Q: How can you become part owner of a NBA team?
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Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson is the majority owner of the Bobcats with NBA legend, Michael Jordan as minority owner ... Johnson made NBA history as the first African-American to become a majority owner of a NBA team ... It is also worth noting that Johnson is also the owner of the WNBA team Charlotte Sting ...

Can a NBA player be a part owner of a team?

no..only if he was trained too.

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He does not own an NBA team, although he was a part-owner of the L.A. Lakers for several years.

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not unless Sweden has a NBA team. even if it does, i don't think so because NBA is manily played in USA and only good players in Canada are eligible to play in us.

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