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Most definitely! I could give you a million lectures on how to do it but there are five elements to do a back handspring in two months:

You must do 10 back walkovers each day for a month

You must strengthen your muscles with push-ups every day throughout the process

You must not be afraid to go over backwards

You must get someone who you trust to spot you (they have to have the ability to catch you)

You must try and HAVE FUN!

This was another question answered by cheerjulia. I am a long time gymnast and cheerleader so ask away! Check out my message board and other answered questions like the secret to doing a back handspring and the elements of Cheerleading! See you soon!

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you have to go to a gymnastics training center and get a personal trainer.then you have to start working on jumping right and your stance.then when you do it well you start doing flip flops.when you are done doing that well you star doing a back hand spring jumping off a trampaline

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Well, you can go back to gymnastics class!

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Q: How can you be able to do a back handspring in two months?
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What things do you have to be able to do for level two tumbling?

im assuming you already passed level one tumbling so that would be, back handspring roundoff back handspring front handspring/walkover i hope you pass!!!!!!!!!

Is handspring one word or two?

It is one word.

How do you do a round off back handspring?

You do the round off, which is a cartwheel but you land on two feet. Once you mastered that, you learn how to rebound which is after you do the round off you jump up. After that, you do your round off and then instead of jumping up, you jump backward with your hands above your head and do the back handspring.

What are two good level 8 power tumbling skills?

round off layout backhandspring buck tuck full. and double back handspring back tuck full. hope this helps.

What skills are required for gymnastics level 5?

Vault: Front Handspring Floor: Dive roll, ROBHBH, Back extension roll, front handspring, back walkover Bars: Kip, Squat on, 1/2 turn dismount, front hipcircle Beam:Handstand, Cartwheel, 1/2 turn

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How do you spot a back half on the trampoline?

Assuming you mean back handspring by back half... Basically the same as if you're on the ground. Kneel behind the person and put one hand near their lower back (you can use two, but one should be fine). Guide them as they jump back. Basically just place your hand under their back and make sure they don't land on their head - push them over in the end if they need a little help getting over. Of course, your spotting will depend on how well the person can do a back handspring already. If they need a lot of help with their back handspring and you're not really sure what you're doing - DO NOT SPOT THEM. They will most likely get hurt without a proper spotter, which it sounds like you're not.

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What's the best way to get rid of rolls on your back in about two months?

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How do you get two back handsprings in two months?

first be able to do one nice and clean then go to a tumble track andset mats up where u would do the second. once u r comfortable try on the floor with spot

What are tips on getting your backhandspring?

you should really work on the flexibility in your shoulders. Also, strengthen your wrist so that you dont colapse in the handstand. And also, make sure you have a spot from a coach.Actually, you DON'T have to have a coach to surport you. I recentley learnt a back handspring (Well about 1 month ago) and I only had my friend surporting me, and I weigh more than her! She learnt her back handspring on Friday, but now she can't do it - so I suggest once you get it don't stop!!!Firstly starting off with two people and moving onto one once confident really helps. After you've moved onto one person gradually asked them to hold you a little bit lighter. Finally get two people to be behind you, ready to catch you if you fall. You then need to try on your own, in till you get your back handspring! That's what I did anyway.

What are two skills you can perform on a vault?

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