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Wear all of your safety gear and a good helmet, and do go too fast.

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Q: How can you avoid getting hurt on a dirt bike?
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Will the cold weather hurt your dirt bike?


Is a dirt bike or a four wheeler better?

if first on both then four wheeler because less chance of getting hurt and alot easier to ride but if rode dirt bike before then dirt bike because it can go where four wheeler cant

I am skeptical about purchasing a dirt bike or ATV for my child which is safer and why?

Id say a dirt bike because there is less of a chance of it crushing you if it flips but you can still get hurt on a dirt bike

How do you convince your parents to getting a dirt bike?

First you have to prove them that you won't drive very fast and stupid because parents are worried about you ,they don't want you to get hurt and when they will see and believe you are ripe for dirt bike they will help you to get one.

What is the highest CC class of dirt bikes?

the highest for right now is 650cc but it used to be a 750cc but too many people kept on getting hurt but I'm sure that they will make a safer, faster and bigger dirt bike

What are the chances of getting hurt while riding a bike?

If we wear not a helmet it is dangerous

How can you convince your parents to get you a dirt bike?

do chores and save money and help pay for gas and gear and good grades wont hurt

Is the saying dirt don't hurt true?

Depends what's in the dirt. If it is pure it won't If it is cultivated then u risk getting fertilizer or or products that are harmful

How many people get hurt on a dirt bike a year?

Statistics show that surprisingly not a lot of people get injured. The numbers are like 1 out of every 5000! Maybe 1 to 2 hundred people a year. Dirt bikes are actually one of the safest motorized activities. riding a dirt bike is safer than riding in a car.

When was Dirt Don't Hurt created?

Dirt Don't Hurt was created on 2008-10-14.

Does it hurt a dirt bike to pop the clutch?

not always. now if you are in first gear and you are giving it gas and you pop the clutch real hard it could possibly break it.

What protects you from getting hurt in a tornado?

The best way to avoid getting hurt in a tornado is too seek shelter underground or in an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy house or building.

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