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they could have easily done it, but the real fake Kane was Luke Gallows

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Q: How can undertaker be masked Kane because the undertaker works for smackdown and masked Kane works for raw?
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Either then wrestling what else does Undertaker do?

The Undertaker works in real estate and collects motorbikes

What the place where an undertaker works is called?

a funeral home?

Is undertaker on 'roids'?

No. Undertaker had a interview with world wrestling entertainment and admitted that he wasn't taking drugs. He just works out way too much in the gym.

Is Yoshi tatsu on Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Probably he works on raw

Does WWE smackdown vs raw 2010 works without graphic card?


Does the undertaker have a contract with vince?

Anyone who works for WWE or for the development territory have a contract

Who is the diva kelly kelly with?

The Undertaker May 2010 Kelly Kelly is not dating the Undertaker that would be Michelle McCool she has been with the Undertaker since his divorce. Kelly Kelly's boyfriend works for New Japan Wrestling.

Why was randy orton in jail?

Yes For the vandilizim in 2008 he blew Undertaker Up with fire works

How do you unlock smackdown vs raw 2008 to unlock terry funk?

you have to type in terryfunk123nbm trust me it works

What do you call a person who works at a funeral home?

Undertaker, funeral director, and mortician are the three main jobs at a funeral home.

Does Stephanie McMahon know the manager of smackdown?

Of course she does! STephanie is the head of creative she knows everyone that works for WWE

How do you pin in smackdown vs raw 2009 for WII?

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How do you see with you eyes closed?

Ok first coose your eyes open close open if you see Kane (wwe) then it isn't working but if you see the undertaker (wwe) then it works please tell me if it works

Will undertaker return to smack down?

yes of course he is he only works 6 months a year and its coming to that time "the road to wrestlemaina"

Is WWE Mickie James going to Smackdown?

no mickie James is staying on raw.God I hope not because I cannot get MyNetwork TV and it is bad enough that I cannot see Undertaker, Melina, Maria, and Jeff Hardy(even though Jeff recently left the WWE) Mickie James got traded to Smackdown along with Beth Phoenix. I am a huge Mickie fan but lately her matches have been stale and sloppy and so I think the WWE is going in a different direction with Melina coming back to Raw. I love Mickie but if you are an athlete and you just work a little on your talent eventually someone who works harder is going to pass you by and that someone is Melina.

What is the man called that works at a funeral?

The man that does all the coffin work is called an Undertaker. I hope this has been helpful in some way :)

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ok it only works if you pre ordered the game from gamestop sorry :[

When was Harvard Works Because We Do created?

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How do you pull out a weopen from under the ring on smackdown vs raw ps2?

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How does a telescope works?

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What do you have to do as special referee on Smackdown vs Raw?

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Can you get Smackdown vs Raw 2011 early?

Yes if you have a friend in the store who can steal it and sell it to you couple days early is possible if you have a close friend who works in a game shop only way

How do you do a high flyer on WWE smackdown vs raw 2008?

You must walk to the ropes until you are leaning on them, and then press the the punch button. It should work. This works if they are lying down or standing up.