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Q: How can the officials control all players in rounders?
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How many players are there in acricket team?

There are 11 players in a cricket team.It includes batsman,bowlers and all rounders.

What equipment does a rounders umpire need?

There are two officials in a game of rounders. They don't really need equipment other than a clipboard and a whistle.

In Football What officials count the defense and what is the penalty?

All officials can count the players. A five yard penalty.

All together how many officials and players are on the field?

What game do you refer to ?

How many people in a rounders team?

there are 9 players: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th base back stop bowler batter and two deep fielders! there is also a subsitute runner for any base, but they do not need to play all the time

How many officials and football players together are on the football field?

There are 11 football players on each team and there is to teams. So all together there are 22 football players on the field and 4 referees.

What do the fifth and 6th officials do in champions league games?

In all football games there are3 officials on the pitch, the fourth shows the time and change of players, the 5th and 6th listen to the managers complain.

When did baseball come to the US?

Rounders came to the US with the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. The American game of Baseball slowly evolved from that British game. In rounders there were 3 bases and home plate. I think all 9 players batted and there were 3 innings. They changed sides after the 9th player batted. The rules were similar but not the same.

What muscles do you use when playing rounders?

all of them man

What are basketball officials responsibilities before a game?

Inspect the goals, the ball, the pitch and the players. Make sure all players and coaches know the rules and if there is anything unique to that match, explain it to the teams.

What united fruit company came to control?

All of the above (APEX)

What is baseball called in England?

Baseball is still baseball in England - there are many significant differences between baseball and rounders, for example, runs (known themselves as rounders) are only scored in rounders when a single player runs around all four bases. There are two separate Rounders associations in the British Isles, that which exists in England is called the National Rounders Association (NRA), and that which exists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).