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The three basic soccer skills needed in order to play soccer are passing, shooting and dribbling. Once proficient in these skills anyone can play soccer.

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Q: How can one learn to play the game of soccer?
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How many plays can you play at one time in soccer

Why did Christopher wood start playing soccer?

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How much calorios you lose in one game of soccer.?

There is a great range of calories you can lose in one game of soccer. This depends on whether you play a lot of the game or not.

If you receive a yellow card in a soccer game can you play the next game?

Yes you can play, but if you do get a another yellow in the next game , then you will miss one game.

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Can Expert opinion what does he think about soccer?

Soccer is a great sport. It helps you build up friendships, your confidence, and gets you lots of exercise. Soccer is also a fun way to learn to make good strategies. Some idiots say people who play soccer are stupid because they are just kicking a ball around, but those are the people who haven't tried it. If one of those people tried to play soccer they would end up failing miserably because they don't understand the game a bit. Soccer can bring out your inner strengths and it is a game of strategy. Go soccer!

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Only one rule: Fair Play

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There are many places where one can play the sport of soccer in Brazil. One can play the sport of soccer in Brazil at popular places such as the Brazilian Soccer Center.

How much do your feet sweat in one soccer game?

well as being a soccer player I would say a bit but it does depend on you shoe and your sock plus what position you play for me I play defense.

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It depend on what they play 5 4, 5 3, 5 5,there are many ways to play one is 12 people.

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great Scott of the antarctic used to play for Wyre Villa - he scored 12 in a game

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Each team is allowed 11 players at one time only.

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What do officials do in soccer?

officials ref the game. they are the ones to make the final decision for fair play and you can not fight one or you will get kicked out.

The divine ponytail is the nickname of?

Roberto Baggio- Italian footballer(soccer) player. Regarded as one of the best to play the game.

How many touches does an average soccer player get in one game?

There are 598 touches in a soccer game.