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However improbable it can be done through a combination of rain delays, traded players, batting out of order, bases loaded HR in which appeal for batter not having touched first base would negate all other runners etc...

Unless you're pinch hitting for people in the middle of their at-bats (which to me is cheating for the purposes of this question), it's impossible. The maximum number of batters you can send to the plate in an inning without scoring is six.

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Q: How can nine batters face a pitcher in one inning have three outs and not score a run?
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Can nine batters come to bat in one inning without scoring any runs?

The maximum batters to come to the plate without scoring a run is six. First three batters get on base. Fourth batter strikes out, as does the fifth batter and the sixth batter flys out to end the inning. Zero runs score. The minimum runs scored for nine batters in an inning would be three.

Why is when a pitcher strikes out all three batters in an inning it is called striking out the side?

the "side" is the term used for that teams part of the inning. so when they say striking out the side that means they struck out every batter in that part of the inning.

What can you conclude if your pitcher is taken out in the eighth inning because you are losing six to four and you score three runs and take the lead in the ninth after a new pitcher is put in?

That's great. What happened in the bottom of the ninth?

If a pitcher enters the game in the 8th inning with the score 5-0 pitches the 9th inning and the game ends with a score of 8-0 does the pitcher gets a save?

No he does not. You must enter the game with the score being within 3 runs of the other team. But if the pitcher pitches three innings without giving up the lead, (after the starter) then he is awarded the save as well. example: 1-0, 5-2, 9-8

How does a pitcher walk three batters give up three hits and no runs?

In different innings?

Has a pitcher ever thrown a three pitch inning?

thousands of times

If im winning 4-0 in the 9th inning can you get a save?

According to the MLB Official Rule Book, a pitcher is credited with a save when 1) the pitcher is the last pitcher the team uses and 2) the pitcher is not credited with the win and 3) one of the following three conditions apply ....A) the pitcher enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning or ....B) the pitcher enters the game with the potentional tying run on base, at bat, or on deck or ....C) the pitcher pitches at least three effective innings regardless of what the score was when they entered the game In MLB, since a save is awarded if the finishing pitcher enters the game with the tying run being at bat or on deck, it would be possible to be credited with a save when entering a game in the ninth inning with the score 4-0. If the pitcher enters the game at the beginning of the ninth inning of a 4-0 game a save cannot be credited. Rules 1 and 2 above would be satisfied but Rule 3 would not. But if the pitcher enters the game with the bases loaded and the score 4-0, a save can be awarded since the first batter the pitcher faces is the potential tying run.

How many baseball batters must be out before the whole team is out?

Three batters must be out in an inning to switch to playing in the field

How many pitches in each inning?

There are no set number of pitches in each inning. The absolute shortest number of pitches that could be pitched in one inning is 6, with 3 outs per half-inning, assuming each batter swung at the first pitch resulting in an out. I don't know the most pitches that have been thrown in one inning. I have watched games where a pitcher (or multiple pitchers) have thrown forty or more pitches in one half-inning alone. Until 3 outs have been recorded, a pitcher will continue pitching to batters. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat, he is immediately called out. If three batters on each team did this, you could have zero pitches thrown in an inning.

Has one pitcher ever struck out more than three batters in the same one half inning in the major leagues?

Yes. Through the 2008 season, that has happened 51 times in MLB history. The last time was June 21, 2008 when Scot Shields of the Angels struckout four Phillies batters (Greg Dobbs, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino who reached first base on a wild pitch on strike three, and Ryan Howard) in the 8th inning. Chuck Finley is the only MLB pitcher to have struckout four batters in an inning more than once. He did this three times, twice while pitching for the Angels and once while pitching for the Indians.

Who is the only pitcher to strike out over 300 batters in three different years?

nolan Ryan

What does it mean to strike out the side?

this means the picher strikes out the three batters he faces in the inning.

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