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Q: How can join state cricket team?
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How can you join the cricket team?

joining cricket teams

How can you join a team of Tamil nadu cricket?


How do you join junior Indian cricket team?


How do you join female cricket team?

Firstly, you have to be a female and secondly you should know how to play cricket.

How do you join Pakistan cricket team?

Through meeting the criteria of Pakistan Cricket Board( PCB).

How do you join India cricket team?

join in best cricket club in your city . if your playing well they select for distric matches and under 15;under19 matches and ranji trophy matches. if your playing well. you may select in indian cricket team

What is the procedure to join the cricket team?

You must have a British accent

How do you get into Ireland cricket team?

You would join a club in Ireland and learn to play. If you are good enough, you will get noticed by people involved with Irish cricket and could be asked to play for the Irish team.

Should sachin tendulkar continue playing cricket or should join Indian team as a coach?

yes sachin tendulkar should joint indian team as a coach because he is a god of cricket

What is the minimum age to join in Indian cricket team?

There's no age limit . All that is required is skills

Where can you join a cricket club in Mumbai as a player?

I want to join cricket club in mumbai.anywhere

What is south Australian state cricket team called?

The Southern Redbacks

What is cricket team?

object of cricket team

How can you join Indian cricket team you are right hand fast bowler and right hand batsman?

no problem....we have to give money and some wrong things to iccc.they will join us

What jobs can you get with a diploma in sport management?

You can join the cricket board of your country or you can join different cricket clubs

Does Nigeria have a cricket team?

No. Nigeria does not have a cricket team.

What is the name of the Australian cricket team?

The Australian cricket team is simply called the Australian cricket team.

How do you join a cricket academy in south Africa?

yes i join a cricket academy in south africa.Plz join me i m best player in pakistan country

How do you join cricket?

First you have to join cricket academy.Then play domestic cricket and when you become good enough in domestic matches the selectors will choose you for international level.

Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

Who are the worst cricket team in the world?

Bangladesh Cricket team

When is the u14 state team selection of cricket in delhi in 2013?

17 august 2013

Which sport had the highest paying team?

cricket. Indian cricket team

Which was the first Indian cricket team?

Which was first Indian cricket team

What is the role of a cricket team manager?

what is the role of the team manger in cricket