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you can get better at playing soccer by practicing.

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Q: How can i get better at playing soccer?
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Are girls better than boys at playing soccer?

In the US and Canada.

Who is better then messi at playing soccer?

Everyone has their own opinions, mine is no one is better than messi

Which soccer club is better Real or Storm?

I think they are equal in playing the game of soccer but when it comes to coaches real may be better in that but i still dont know which club yo choose

What is better all-star or rep soccer?

all-star football is better because it has all the best football players playing togather or playing against each other

What should you do to play better soccer?

Hello, to play better soccer, you should join a recreational soccer team or practice with friends. You get better by practicing and experience. It is most of the time easier to learn from people it is easy for you to talk to. Playing with a foot bag also helps juggling skills with a soccer ball. Don't give up! Good Luck!

What is a soccer ball for?

For playing soccer

Where is the art in soccer?

playing soccer

How do you get soccer cancer?

by playing soccer!

Why girls likes to play soccer?

Girls likes to play soccer because Playing soccer makes you healthy and a healthy girl is a beautiful girl and they wants to show the boys that they can play better then

What sport is better track or soccer?


Should you continue playing soccer even if you suck?

yes, because if you give up, you will never get better! if you enjoy playing it, then don't quit!

How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was

What is better hockey or soccer?


What is better soccer or hockey?


Which is better football or soccer?


Is South Korean soccer team better than Iran's soccer team?

Oh yes they are , as a few South Koreans are playing in the E.p.L. But not a single pplayer from Iran is there.

What does it mean playing soccer in your dreams?

according to proffesionals if you are to dream of playing soccer in your sleep you are in the top 25% of soccer players in the world

What is the meaning of playing soccer in a dream?

according to proffesionals if you are to dream of playing soccer in your sleep you are in the top 25% of soccer players in the world;)

How does someone who should be playing professional soccer get noticed?

The first thing this person must do is contact a sports agent. These can be found in the local phone book. The agent's can vary in prices, and depending on your financial leeway, you will be arranged a tryout with various soccer organizations. Remember, playing soccer for any organization is better than not playing at all. Good luck.

Why is soccer better than golf?

Because soccer is better than golf.

How fun is soccer and why?

soccer is fun and rewarding in its own way. The more work you put into improving yourself, the better you will get. Its the thrill of competition and friends you meet along the way that drive you to play soccer. If you are playing at a recreational level then soccer is little work and a complete blast! But if you are playing competitively the fun can easily disappear and is replaced with hardwork and commitment

What age did Abby Wambach start playing soccer?

Abby started playing soccer when she was four

How old was Hope Solo when started playing soccer?

Hope was 5 when she started playing soccer

Why is soccer is better than netball?

netball is actually better then soccer because it just is

What part of the brain controls playing soccer?

the parietal lobe is being used while playing soccer