How can i be a better shooter?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a way to improve your shooting and your accuracy is to

1. buy a stabilizer,it weighs out ur bow just a little bit

2.make sure you pull your bow back the same way every shot and if u have a release put it on the same spot of your face you always put it at

3.if you dont have a release . . buy one if you use your fingers ur more likely to tweak your bow string than using a release

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Improving you jump shot takes a lot of practice. One important thing to remember is BEEF.

B- Balance. Make sure you feet are slightly more then shoulder width apart, with one foot barely in front of the other. (which ever one is more comfortable.

E- Eyes. Your eyes should be up on either the back side of the rim or the front of the rim. Even after you shoot, make sure you keep looking.

E- Elbow. Your elbow should be close to the side of your chest, with about 90 degree angles on your elbow and shoulder.

F- Follow through. Keep your off hand down to keep you from shooting two handed. After the shot is released, make sure your right hand flicks down with your wrist like your reaching into a cookie jar. Keep your arm in the air until the ball makes contact with the hoop.

Also, being confident will really help. But most of all, repetitions help the most. Shooting 500 shots a day with correct form will help improve your jump shot.

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take lessons

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Q: How can i be a better shooter?
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