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Assuming you're already a decent bowler who can hit the pocket consistently, a reactive resin ball can give you a better angle into the pocket than a plastic or hard rubber ball.

It accomplishes this by sliding down the lane while friction heats up the reactive resin coverstock, then hooking hard when the the ball "grabs" the lane. This results in a sharper angle into the pocket than non-reactive balls.

This phenomenon is further enhanced by the shape of the heavy "core" of the Bowling ball and the position of the finger holes relative to this core.

This improvement in coverstock and core technology provides a greater benefit to better bowlers. A $250 bowling ball will not make a 120-average bowler into a 180-average bowler, but a 180-average bowler can improve their average noticeably with a properly fitted and drilled ball chosen to complement their normal shot and lane conditions.

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Q: How can a reactive resin bowling ball give you a high score?
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What is in a bowling bowl?

A bowling ball is made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these materials.

What are bowling balls made of now?

A bowling ball is a round ball made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these

What is a virtual gravity bowling ball?

The virtual gravity bowling ball is one of the most highly reactive bowling ball in the world.

What new designs have been made in bowling balls?

Several new urethane and reactive resin bowling ball shells and complex inner core configurations--designed to vary the ball's rotation as it goes down the lane--have substantially altered the ball's hook as it approaches the pocket.

Does reactive bowling ball increase ball speed?

No. The highest ball speed you can register is the moment it leaves your hand. After that moment friction slows the ball down. Generally if a bowling alley has speed sensors at the pin deck the register speed is about 1.5mph slower than when the ball left your hand. Being that reactive resin has a higher coefficient of drag against the lane it will slow your ball down more than if our threw a plastic house ball in similar shape.

How many types of bowling balls are there?

There are 7 different types. They are classified by their different coverstock ( the outside cover of the ball). The are: 1) Plastic 2) Rubber 3) Urethane 4) Epoxy 5) Reactive Resin 6) Hybrid Resin 7) Particle

What is a bowling ball made of?

Some are plastic, most are a resin type material.

What material would new bowling balls be constructed of?

As a Strike is symbolized with an X, the strike symbol of / is used which looks like part of the X symbol.

What is in bowling ball resin that i might be allergic to?

You're more likely to be allergic to the lane conditioner than to your ball.

Can you use a reactive bowling ball for a spare ball?

Yes, but you have to completely flatten your wrist to make it or it will hook

What is the purpose of the bowling ball being made of plastic?

A plastic coverstock on a bowling ball helps when you need to convert particular spares, or when the lanes get incredibly dry. Since the plastic coverstock on plastic bowling balls is hard and non-porous, on most lane conditions, it's not going to hook very much. An example spare to be picked up is the 10-pin (for righties). Using a reactive resin bowling ball isn't always the best idea. If you hook the reactive resin bowling ball at the 10, odds are that you're probably going to throw it into the gutter because of the angle you're creating, or the ball it going to hook right past the 10. With plastic, no matter how many revolutions you put on the ball, most of the time the plastic ball isn't going to hook, so you can throw directly at the 10 with 600RPM and the ball won't hook all that much away from the 10 (on dry lanes, it's a completely different story).

What makes up the hook in bowling?

The bowling balls that hook the best are balls that have a reactive resin cover stock. Some balls that have a reactive cover stock are the storm virtual energy, virtual gravity. Another highly reactive ball is the mutant cell, another is the newly released invasion. Also people can make more hook on a ball by increasing their revolution rate. for Columbia 300 cool noise,sharpnoise,freeze,full swing,total bedlem,ebonite any of the magic series or the mission or evolve