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If your foot is on the serving line

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Q: How can a player foul whilst serving in volleyball?
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What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

It is called a "foot fault".

What is a foul in volleyball?

There is no such thing as a foul in volleyball.

What is foul in volleyball?

There is no such thing as a foul in volleyball.

What is a foul in vollyball?

~Since I was on a volleyball team (my middle school year) I can tell you what a foul in volleyball is. A foul in volleyball is a violation or breaking a rule in volleyball.~

What is the meaning of foul in volleyball?

Well... a foul in volleyball is the violation of the rules

How many fouls can a player get before having to sit the rest of game in volleyball?

There is no such thing as fouls in volleyball. Well, a player can get a foot foul, and that is when the players foot touches or crosses serving line. You can get as many of those as you want. There really isn't any fouls in volleyball like there are in basketball

Is catching a volleyball a foul?

Yes it is a foul

What is a double foul in volleyball?

a foul with two parts in it.

What is a net foul in volleyball?

A net foul is when a player from a team hits the net with their hand or arm when blocking the ball or spiking the ball.

What are the three fouls for volleyball?

technical foul fragrant foul personal foul

Is it a foul when a player dives forward with one arm out to keep the ball in play in volleyball?

No. It is encouraged.

Is it a foul for a volleyball player to touch the pole during play?

no because if the ball is still playing and the player hits the pole but still gets the ball up so the other player can get it, then its not foul

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