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If they are a redshirted freshman this can happen

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Q: How can a college football player graduate and return the next season as a senior?
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How can i return to college football?

That depends; who are you? If you were a past college football player who wants to return after playing four years, sorry, but you cannot return to play college football after your 4 years of eligibility are up.

Who is the best Return Man in college football?

DeSean Jackson is the most dangerous return man in college football

Who is the fastest college football player in the 2008-2009 season?

trindon holliday for lsu he ran a 101 yard kick return in 9.2 secconds.

Can a football player return to a game?

As long as they are cleared to play if injured they can return

In College football can you score on a blocked field goal?

Yes you can return it for two points

Does libarty return to degrassi?

no only to play in the alumni football game. she is in college with manny and Emma

Can you return a fumble on a two point conversion in college football?

Obviously its two points for the returning team.

What happens when a football player is ejected?

He is ejected and may be fined or suspended, but the game he is ejected from he can not return to that game

Can you go into the NFL as a junior?

A college player can enter the draft after his junior year, but if he is not drafted, he cannot return to play his senior year in college.

Can you intercept a pass on a two point conversion?

Yes. In the NFL the play is over if you intercept it. In college football, you can return it the other way for two points.

What is the longest fumble return in college football history?

99 yards: WEST VIRGINIA vs Clemson in 2011-2012 Discover Orange Bowl

Does a basketball player have to leave the game if time is called for injury?

Yes. It isn't football where the player can simply go to the sidelines and get checked on. They take him/her to the locker room and they can return at anytime.

Is it allowed for an NCAA basketball player to play college ball after declaring for the NBA Draft?

Yes and no. If a college player declares that he is going into the NBA draft and he hires an agent then it is a done deal and he cannot change his mind. If he does not hire an agent then he can change his mind and return to the college game.

Who was the first African American football player at auburn university?

James Owens - Owens was Auburn's first African American scholarship football player. His most memorable play was a kickoff return for a touchdown in a 63-14 win over Florida in 1970.

Tell us what you believe you can bring to the Transport for London Graduate Scheme as an individual and what it can provide you with in return?

Answering "Tell us what you believe you can bring to the Transport for London Graduate Scheme as an individual and what it can provide you with in return

Why might a college student after graduation enter the job market during an economic expansion but apply for graduate school during recession?

Graduating college student are more likely to find good jobs in a healthy economy. Conversely, in a sour economy, a student may be best advised to return to college and earn an advanced degree.

What do KR and PR mean in football?

Kick Return and Punt Return

Can you score on a blocked field goal?

You can score on a blocked field goal as long as it isn't an extra point. In college football you can return PATS for a defensive 2 point convo

Why is Adam Josephson a badass?

Because he beat a black guy in a race. The black guy was also a college football player that broke the schools record in the 60m and he broke the record for most kick return yds in a season. He runs a 4.3 second 40. actually, he is weak. WEAK WEAK WEAK.

What is notable about Allen Rossum?

Allen Rossum is a retired American football player. He played professionally from 1998 to 2009, and is the only player in NFL history to have a kickoff return for a touchdown with five different teams.

Can you return a football if a defender touches it?

Yes, you can.

Why did the vikings return home?

a football game

If the ball is intercepted on an extra point can you score a touchdown?

You cannot score a touchdown if you intercept an extra point. If you return it for a touchdown (all the way to the other team's end zone) you get two points. This is only for college level football. Professional football and High School football immediately blows the whistle and the play is dead when an extra point kick attempt is blocked.

What uga player has the record for longest interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Dwayne Jarret when he was in college with usc against Oregon in 07 it was 87 yards

Is wedge legal in college football?

Starting in 2010, the wedge on a kick return is illegal. An illegal wedge is 3 or more players who intentionally line up within 2 yards of each other on the return of a free kick. A block does not have to occur for it to be a foul and the penalty is 15 yards.