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Per regulation, a College Basketball court must be 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. A high school Basketball court must be 84 by 50 feet.

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Q: How big the basketball court is?
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How big is an average indoor basketball court?

the average basketball court is 94 ft by 50ft

How big is a pro basketball court?

really good

How big is a basketball court in kilometers?

.03 kilometers

How big is a basketball court in australia?

125 feet

How big is a middle school basketball court?

74 ft

How big is an Olympic basketball court?

450 m by 290

How big is 150 square meters?

It is about 1/3 a basketball court.

How big is a NBA basketball court?

An NBA court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.

How big is a college basketball court in feet?

A college court is 94ft long.. and 50 ft wide

Did the Titanic have basketball court?

No the titanic did not have a basketball court haha

Can you show me a basketball court?

This is a basketball court

How big is the WNBA basketball court?

Pretty small considering it has to fit into the kitchen

Where is the Baseline on a basketball court?

it is the big thick line behind the back board

Did the titanic have a basketball court?

yes and it wass very big

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

How big is a pro basketball court in feet?

An NBA court is 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

Wing and their position on the basketball court?

the big circle that covers the free throw line

How big is a Ga-Ga court?

there isn't a specific dimension, mostly is about the size of half a basketball court except round.

Where is the wing on basketball court?

Its at the wing on the basketball court bird.

What is a basketball court?

A basketball court is a designated, usually concreted, area on which the game of basketball is played.

What do you play basketball on?

a basketball court

Is a women's basketball court smaller than a men's basketball court?


How big is an official basketball court?

The NCAA and NBA courts are 94 feet by 50 feet.

What is required to play basketball?

a basketball a basketball court. and you.

How big is a basketball court in square meters?

NBA/NCAA - regulation basketball court (94 x 50 feet) = 436.644288 square meters High School basketball court (84 x 50 feet) = 390.192768 square meters Junior High School basketball court (74 x 42 feet) = 288.74264832 square meters

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