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It is 94 feet by 50 feet wide. Youth Basketball courts are smaller though.

A youth basketball court measures 74 feet long by 42 feet wide.

A high school basketball court measures 84 feet long by 50 feet wide.

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Q: How big is the playing surface on a basketball court?
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How big is an average indoor basketball court?

the average basketball court is 94 ft by 50ft

How big is a basketball court in australia?

125 feet

How big is an Olympic basketball court?

450 m by 290

How big is 150 square meters?

It is about 1/3 a basketball court.

How big is a Ga-Ga court?

there isn't a specific dimension, mostly is about the size of half a basketball court except round.

Wing and their position on the basketball court?

the big circle that covers the free throw line

How big is an acre can someone describe using a standard basketball court?

A basketball court is about 7980 square feet maximum. An acre is 43560 square feet 43560 divided by 7980 = 5.458 So an acre is about 5.5 basketball courts

How big is a pro basketball court?

- NBA/NCAA - regulation basketball court dimension is 94 feet (28.65 meters) long by 50 feet (15.24 meters) wide.- High School basketball court dimension measure 84 feet ( 25.6 meters) long by 50 feet (15.24 meters)wide.- Jr. High School basketball court dimension measure 74 feet (22.55 meters) long and 42 feet (12.8 meters) wide

How big is a half a court basketball court?

Many courts are equiped with side baskets on each side, as well as the regular basket. The orientation of the court using the side baskets is 90 degrees from the norm. If you were playing on a High School half court, the dimensions would now be 50 feet from baseline to baseline and 42 feet from sideline to sideline.

What is the size of the earth and sun?

About 1 million earths would fit in the sun if the sun were hollow. If Earth was the size of a basketball, the sun would be as big as a basketball court.

Will basketball help big muscles for kids?

i think that basketball does help your mucles because bouncing the ball and running back and forth on the court helps your mucles grow

What is the colorful thing at center court of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?

It's the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo. It is each schools two main colors as if they were pennants in a circle. It also has a image of a basketball net (white lines) as if you were looking up through it.