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8ft 2 and a half in.

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Q: How big is high school discus throwing ring?
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What is the diameter of a high school discus ring?

The diameter of a high school ring is 8 feet

What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark that is not a discus?


What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark called?


What are the steps for correctly throwing a high school discus?

There are many steps and it depends on how you want to throw the discus, it can be thrown as a power throw (the front of the ring) a south African (not a real way of throwing but can be used during practice to better technique), and a full spin. Had i had more time i would break it down.

What is a legal throw in discus?

a legal discus throw is when the thrower stays inside the ring when throwing, and the disc stays inside the field when thrown. it can be scratched if the thrower steps outside of the ringwhen throwing or walks out of the front of the ring after throw

How big is the discus throwing ring?

The diameter is 8 feet, circumference 25.12, area 50.24

In discus sports what are five ways how a foul can be called?

A foul can be called if the discus is thrown and goes outside the sector...if you enter the ring from the front, if you leave the ring from the front, if something flys off of you while you are throwing, and if you step on the line (circle) while throwing.

What is the name of the circle the discus thrower uses?

the ring, or discus ring - though this ring is used for hammer throwers too. 8'2" ring is sunk 20mm down in concrete to provide an edge.

How much is a silver high school ring worth?

How much a silver high school ring is worth depends on the size, weight, and amount of silver in the ring.

When was Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School created?

Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School was created in 1965.

What is the motto of Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School?

Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School's motto is 'Harmony in Diversity'.

What is the height a netball ring?

8ft for primary school and 10ft for high school+

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