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  • Click on the link below to see the length of each Nascar race track
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Q: How big is each NASCAR race track?
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How big is a Nascar Cup Series race track?

Nascar race tracks range in size. The smallest Cup Series track is Martinsville Speedway (0.526 miles) and the largest is Talladega Superspeedway (2.66 miles).

How big is NASCAR Bristol track?

At 0.533 miles, Bristol is NASCAR's smallest track.

Why are there a lot of laps in a NASCAR race?

It depends on how big the track is. Like Bristol is 500 laps around because the track is as big as a middle school track. The Daytona 500 has 200 laps, because it's as big as a football field.

How are NASCAR cars moved?

They get towed from race to race in great big colorful trailers silly.

What is the first big race of the Nascar season?

Daytona 500, Florida.

How big is the track at Talladega?

Talladega is the biggest track in the nascar circuit measuring in at 2.66 miles in distance.

How big is a race car track allowed to be?

It can be as you want it but most of the race tracks in the top racing series ,such as NASCAR f1 Indy , they are between 0.568 and 5.209 miles long. Now there are longer in these racing series but the normal sizes are

How big are the turns on a horse race track?

2 furlongs

How big is the Daytona race track?

Daytona International Speedway is a 2.5 mile tri-oval asphalt race track. It has a capacity of 167,785.

Why is the biggest race for Nascar at the beginning of the season?

Theres alot of hype when nascar season starts anyway.. The fact it starts on a restrictor plate race track.. where the speeds are in excess of 200MPH just makes it great... Theres several BIG races through out the year... For Instance Southern 500 at Darlington The All-Star Race at Charlotte Coco Cola 600 At Charlotte and the Indy 500 at Indainapolis

Has Danica Patrick ever won a Nascar race?

She needs to get out of NASCAR she is by far qualified to run with the big dogs.... all she ever does in the races is wreck out or wreck someone else that is better qualified to race... she is not now or ever in my opinion going to measure up to the NASCAR standards.

How big is the race track at Talladega?

The Talladega Superspeedway is 2.66 miles in length.

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