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Q: How big is a super truck?
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Are super swamper tires a good buy?

If you need a really big tire for a big truck or to raise a smaller truck off the ground higher then super swampers are a good buy depending on where you purchase them.

What are the specifications that make a truck a super truck?

The specifications that make a truck a super truck would be how much it can carry. As well as how wide and long and strong the super truck is can also tell you what kind of truck it is.

What is a truck truck?

a big rig

How much dirt will a super-ten dump truck hold?

Super Ten is a transmission, not a truck type, and doesn't indicate the layout of the truck.

When was Big Ol' Truck created?

Big Ol' Truck was created in 1994.

How big are monster truck?


Gta sa where is the super truck?

if yo are talking about the sandking, it sometime spawns on the big ear in bone county. if not it is a mod for the PC

Toll for big truck across the gwb?

it is 8.00 $ per axle for a big truck

Is the internet a big truck?

No. Conclusive scientific evidence has surfaced which shows that the internet is NOT a big truck.

How big was the first monster truck?

As big as they are now. Bob Chandler created the monster truck with the first Big Foot.

What are the specifications of a big truck?

well, the size of the truck is just an opinion, but if you want to own a big truck the only requirement is that you have a small penis

Can you get the big tires for the big truck in earn to die?


What are the release dates for Inside - 2007 Super Truck Rally?

Inside - 2007 Super Truck Rally was released on: USA: 5 November 2010

How much trash can a garbage truck hold?

it depends on how big the truck is

How big is truck wheel diameter?

Typical truck wheels are 22.5

When was Big Gay Ice Cream Truck created?

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was created in 2009.

What qualifies as a Big Truck?

A "Big" truck is a non-technical term. It can mean a large pickup, or a semi-truck. Trucks are classified as light medium and heavy.

How many tons does a dump truck hold?

it depends on how big the dump truck is

What is the size of the super computer?

It is a big big thingy or should I say super computer

What kind of armored truck did they use in Fast five?

The truck was based off of a Ford super duty

Do you think a truck can be too big?

I personally do beleive that truck can be too big. Especially with todays gas prices,it is probablly best to have a smaller truck that consumes less fuel.

Which American truck manufacturer was the first to install diesel engines as standard equipment?

small truck or big truck?

How much wood could a woodchuck truck if a woodchuck could truck wood?

depends on how big the bed of the truck is

What is an Big truck driver's work tasks?

Driving Big Trucks

Can youget the super truck in GTAsa?

where can i find 18wheels gta