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Football pitches are typically as big as 100 yards (90m) and 130 yards (120m) in length. Width is never less than 50 yards (45m) and not more than 100 yards (90m).

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Q: How big are football pitches?
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How big was the dance floor in the titanic?

It could have been the size of two football pitches.

How many football pitches fit in o2 arena?

72.26 football pitches to be exact

How many football pitches in a rainforest?

None. It is something they say to try and give you an idea how big something is as most people can envisage the size of a football pitch.

Where to is a crater size of twenty football pitches?

the crater, which is the size of twenty football pitches, is in Arizona, USA.

How many football pitches can you fit in O2 arena?

How many football pitches could you fit into the O2 Arena

Is the titanic the same size as three football-pitches?

yes the titanic is the same size as three football-pitches

How many football pitches are there in 129.600 acres?

129,600 ac? 25,920 football pitches in 129.6 ac... there is 25.92

How big were the original football pitches?

There probably weren't any specific sizes of football pitch...not until the English had written out the rules in 1863 which would have stated size of the pitch between both goals.

Are all football pitches the same size?

Not at all; standard school football pitches are much smaller than Premier League pitches, for example. Also, some of the English teams in lower leagues have smaller pitches at their home grounds than those of the bigger teams.

Are football pitches flat or arched?

In football there is no pitch bases. In football it is hundred yard field that the football players play on.

How many football pitches are there in England?


What is types of soils are used for football pitches?


How many football pitches can you fit in the amazon river?

you poo on it

Where is the crater the size of 20 football pitches?

Arizona, USA

How big is the land that glastonbury festival is on?

Area of Site - 1000 acres (that's the equivalent of more than 500 football pitches) Length of Fence - 8 miles

How many football pitches is 7 million square kilometers?


Which sport has the largest ground?

Football has a stadium which can fit 9 football pitches 9 full size

How long is the trajan's river?

As long as 2343 (79 miles) football pitches

How many football pitches are there in Somalia?

in Somalia there are 17 football pitch. there many small pitch's but the most famous pitch's are 17

What is the area of the Brazil 2014 football pitch?

Football pitches vary in size. The maximum area would be GAY square meters.

How big is dubailand?

dubailand is approximately 3 billion square feet, baring in mind 1 million square feet is about 11 football pitches.

How many football pitches are in South Africa?

Hundreds and hundreds, especially if you count every little practice space where children play football.

When was the first football team formed?

Callender fc , the Romans, in Scotland, formed the first football club as we know it today. football pitches (or "game pitches" have recently been found, with references to rules and pitch boundaries ) in a small roman village (Callender) in Scotland . this information will eventually blow the sea lions of their shirt's

How much of the Brazilian rainforest are you losing each minute?

two full size football pitches

How many football pitches Noah's ark?

Noah's Ark was approximately 450 feet in length. Depending on what sort of football field, it is about the same size or 150 feet larger.