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win any other major

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hockey trials

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Q: How are the players selected for the British open?
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How many players in the 2010 british open golf championship?

There will be 156 players in The 2010 Open field.

How many players have won the British Open golf championship?


How many players qualify for the final two rounds of the British Open golf tournament?

There are a total of 156 players who qualify to play in the British Open golf tournament. The players who place in the top 70 positions will qualify to play for the final two rounds.

What are the rules for halfway cut british open golf?

Top 70 players and ties.

If someone has a British Lions shirt what team are they supporting?

Someone with a British Lions shirt is supporting the British and Irish Lions, a rugby team selected from players from the national sides of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

How does the cut work in the British open?

The open Championship, often referred to as the British Open is a major golf tournament held annually. It is a 72 hole tournament and cut is after 36 holes for top 70 players and ties.

Who announces the players at they tee off at the british open golf championship in 2007?

Scotsman Ivor Robson.

How are players selected in the NBA for the all-star games?

the starters are selected by fan voting the reserves are selected by the coaches.

How many players at Wimbledon tennis 2009?

There is always 128 players are selected.

Are all of the players on the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team Maori?

No, the All Blacks are selected from all New Zealander players. The New Zealand Maori representative side is selected from Maori players.

When was Association of British Scrabble Players created?

Association of British Scrabble Players was created in 1987.

Why do foreign players get chosen over british players?

They are not chosen over British players as such. Clubs choose the best players they can get. Where they come from is not important, their ability is. If a club wants to build a very strong team but only chooses players from one place, then they won't have a great team. Most soccer players are not British, so naturally a lot of non-British players get chosen. If a British player is the best a club can get for the position they are looking to fill, then the British player will of course get chosen, but not because he is British. It would be based purely on his ability.