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There are no home and visitors in the NCAA tournament. In the NCAA tournament, games are played in a set location determined by the committee.

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Q: How are the home and visitor determined in the NCAA tournament?
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How is home team determined for the ncaa basketball tournament?

The "home" team position is granted to the higher-seeded team.

How is the home team decided for the college World Series?

[As of 1-Jun-2009:] NCAA Baseball 2009 Division 1 Baseball Championship Handbook Page 18: Determination of Home Team For first-round games during championship competition, the highest-seeded team shall be designated as the home team. In subsequent games, the home team shall be determined according to a formula applied by the games committee. In determining which of two teams in any game will be the home team, the games committee or the NCAA game representative shall designate the home team using the following guidelines: 1. The institution that has been the home team the fewer number of times in that particular tournament. 2. If the two teams are equal in this respect but unequal in the number of times they were the visitor, then the team that has been the visitor more often will be designated the home team. 3. If the two teams are equal in the number of times that they have been home and visitor, the games committee or the NCAA game representative shall observe the following procedures in the order stated: a. If the two teams have met previously in that particular tournament, the visitor in the previous game shall be the home team in the game in question (Exception: In a two-team tournament where both teams have been the home team twice, the fifth game will be determined by a coin flip); b. The team that was visitor in its preceding game shall be the home team, unless both teams were visitors in their preceding games; or c. If the above procedures do not resolve the matter, the home team shall be determined by coin flip. The higher seeded team can determine whether they will call the coin toss, or defer the call to their opponent.

How is the home team determined for the ncaa basketball tounament?

The higher seed is considered the home team

Who bats first in softball?

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How many times has Duke and North Carolina played at home in the NCAA basketball tournament?

North Carolina is 27 and 1 in the state of North Carolina durning tournament play

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Visitor vs home

Who bats first home or visitor?


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