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They aren't, at all, other than being a team game played on grass.

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Q: How are soccer and softball alike?
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Difference between soccer cleats and softball cleats?

softball cleats have a spike at the end and soccer cleats don't you can wear softball cleats for soccer but you can wear soccer cleats for softball

Can soccer cleat be worn for softball?

yes theres not much difference and i where my soccer cleats for softball to

Is it better to wear softball cleats for softball or soccer cleats for softball?

Softball/baseball cleats are best for sofball. Soccer cleats do not provide the proper tracton for dirt.

What ball has a greater density softball or soccer ball?

A softball is more dense than a soccer ball.

Is it harder to hit a soccer ball or softball?

I think it is harder to hit a soccer ball because one a softball is soft and a softball is threw soft

What sport has more running softball or soccer?

Soccer for sure !

How are volleyball and softball alike?

They are both sports

Why is softball a better sport than soccer?

soccer you just run and softball you run,steal,lead,slide,bat,and catch

Do more people like soccer or softball?

More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world

How is baseball and soccer alike?

How is Baseball and Tennis alike?

What is a sport news?

soccer, softball, and hockey

Do guys play softball?

yes,guys can play soccer but, softball is mostly for girls

Is it ok to wear softball cleats for soccer?

No. Softball shoes with a cleat under the front toes cannot be used for soccer. However you can go the other way and use soccer cleats for softball. My daughter does fine without the toe cleat.

Seventy girls play soccer in the fall and sixty girls play softball in spring Forty-five girls play both how many girls play soccer softball or both?

130 girls play softball, soccer, or both

How is soccer and rugby alike?

Rugby and Soccer are alike because they consist of using a circular ball to score

Can soccer cleats be used for softball?

No, softball cleats cannot have metal bottoms only rubber.

What is a popular new sport?

soccer, softball, and hockey

What sport starts with letter s?

Soccer and softball.

Do people like soccer or softball?

Soccer is the most popular sport world wide.

Seven people joined the soccer team the rest joined the softball team there were 20 people that joined either the soccer or softball team how many people joined the softball team?

20-7= 13... 13 people joined the softball team

Do you lose more weight in softball or soccer?

Soccer. MUCH more aerobic (running) excercise

Popular sport at school?


A after school team sport?

At my school we had basketball, Soccer, and softball....

What is harder a soccer ball or a softball?

Just go check

What is Taiwan main sports?

basketball, baseball, soccer and softball