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Pick by conference presidents

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Q: How are referees chosen for collage football bowl games?
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How much do college football referees get paid for bowl games?

College football referees usually make from $800 to $1,800 per game, depending on the conference. For bowl games it is the high end, $1,800.

How do you become a football ref?

* First you qualify to be a referee for junior games. * Contact your local clubs for information. * As you improve and get more experience you will be offered more senior games. * The very best referees are chosen to officiate at the top games.

Why do referees throw blue flags in football games?

It means that there is a loose ball on the field

What Games Have Referees?

Some games that have referees are:o Basketballo Footballo American Footballo NetballAns by Eyesac Ratman Muttonpatty TNGSchool

What collage football conference has the most teams going to bowl games?

The sec. Eight teams.

Why do college football referees wear one blue sleeve?

BLUE REFS: The Pac-10's referees will wear blue sleeve covers during the league's five games this weekend to raise awareness of prostate cancer

What collage football team has won the most national championship games?

Notre Dame - 13 Alabama - 12

How many new footballs must be marked with the letter K by referees in the nfl?

12 new footballs are marked with the letter "K' for NFL football games.

What are the people the control the basketball games called?


When did collage football bowl games begin and what were the name of the bowls?

Alabama university won the 2010 rose bowl against Texas university

How many refree are in a game of football?

1 referee, 1 4th official, 2 line officials, 2 goal line referees. In total there are 6 officials in most games.

How are NFL referees and umpires assigned to games?

They are assigned to each game

How many games do NHL referees work each year?


How much do college basketball referees make?

Basketball referees can make anywhere from $40,000 to around $60,000 dollars. This depends on experience and how many games they referee.

What happens when volleyball referees disagree on a call?

The games stops for a short time and the referees go to talk about the call and agree on who's right and who's wrong.

How many referees are on the field in soccer in Mexico?

One referee 2 assistant referees and in senior league games a 4th official who monitors subs and time management

How much do referees for euro 2012 games get paid?

10.000$ per. Game

How many referees in baseball?

there are no referees on a baseball field. in MLB regular season games, there are 4 umpires (one for each base). in playoff games, there are 6 (one for each base and one on each foul line in the outfield).

How many referees are needed in a baseball game?

Referees are not used in baseball games. This sport uses umpires. They are generally four umpires, one for each base, used in the game.

Who pays a NBA referee?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) pays referees. Referees make between $75,000 and $300,000 per year, depending on their seniority and the games in which they participate.

Playoff salary for NFL referees?

NFL referees make approximately $149,000 to $173,000 a year. If they work playoff games, then they will earn an additional $7,500 to $10,000 more per game.

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Patriot Games

How are the countries chosen for the Commonwealth Games?

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