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First they need to be in a swimming club

Second they need to be really good

Third, it depends what swim team you are talking about.

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Q: How are people placed on a swim team?
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There are 16 people on your swim team one fourth of the team went to a swim meet in aprilHow many people went to the swim meet in April?


How many players are on a swim team?

There is not such a thing as players on a swim team. If you are wondering about members there can be more than 10. That is basically how many people you need. You can have up to about 100 succesfully.

How much do you get paid if you are on a swim team?

If you are talking about a professional swim team, I don't know, but for kids and teens and college, you have to pay to be on the swim team

How do you compete in swimming?

You can join a local swim team. There are two kinds. For people who want to become good swimmers and are not that good at it, i would recommend doing a summer swim team, but if you are good and have been on the summer swim team, then join a year round swimming team. a web site i would recommend going to is they have a lot of year round swim teams you can join.

Do people like to swim?

Heck yeah! if yo don't there is something wrong with you. it is fun and good excersise. i am on swim team and i love it!

How many people in a olympic swim team?

i think like 7 to 15?

What actors and actresses appeared in Swim - 2012?

The cast of Swim - 2012 includes: Megan Coglizer as Swim Team Member Aden Cotter as Charlotte Lucie Johnson as Swim Team Member Arianna McGregor as April Anna Moldovan as Swim Team Member Drew Senay as Coach Haley Victoria Hunt as Swim Team Member

What is the team medley swim?

4 people in the team do a certain distance of either backstroke, breastroke, butterfly or freestyle (in that order)

What is the best sport or exercise for people with asthma?

swim,walk,yoga or team sports

Is swimming an individual or team event?

It can be both - sometimes you are competing for you team or for yourself, but if you mean if you swim as a team, then no. You can swim FOR a team, but not as a team. So it is individual if you mean it that way.

Is swim team dangerous?

Not unless you can't swim.

What are the positions on a swim team?

since i am on the swim team i know there's freestyle, fly, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Is ther a boys swim team at the university of Illinois?

heck ya go join and swim swim swim

Names of the Texas tech swim team?

Texas Tech does not have a swim team. The photo you are probably thinking of is photoshopped.

Does Virginia Commonwealth University have a swim team?

VCU does not list a swim team on their athletics page, however there is a facebook page called VCU Swim Team, and on there it states that it is "A swim team for VCU students, faculty, alumni, and facility members." Also listed on the facebook page are four invitational events the swim team will attend. So my guess is that they don't really compete as an athletic department of VCU, but instead its more like an extracurricular activity. I have provided links to the VCU athletic page and the swim team facebook page in the Related links.

What are the ratings and certificates for Swim Team - 1979?

Swim Team - 1979 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

How do you know if your friend on your swim team likes you?

simple ask the people who are closest to the person who like on your swim to to ask he/she to ask them if they like you if they do then great but if not there are other fish in the sea hun

Does university of Alabama have a club swim team?

Yes, it is called Crimson Tide Aquatics and it is a USA swim club team in the Southeastern Swimming LSC. They swim in the University of Alabama Pool.

Where ca you find St paul's swim team as a website?

It depends on which St Paul's swim team you are after, the link below is one of them

How do you use program in a sentence?

The swim team came up with a program to help save the people who survived hurricanes.

How many people are needed in swimming?

One. You only need one person to swim. It's not a team sport.

Did Jesse McCartney swim on a team?

No, he played on a baseball team.

Is swimming an individual or do they compete in a team?

Swimming is interesting, as it can function as both an individual and team sport. In swim meets, the races are individual, and you are competing with swimmers from both the opposing team and your own team. You are also competing against your personal best time. However, the points you accrue from how you placed in your race contribute to the team score which is used to determine who "won" the meet.

What is express?

swim team and train

Did Alcatraz have a penitentary swim team?