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long boards have a wider trunk than a skate board so you can ride more and push less

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Q: How are long board trucks different from skateboard trucks?
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Do yo have to change skateboard truck to long board trucks if you put long board wheels on a skateboard?

No, my friend has a regular skateboard with longboard wheels and he has normal trucks. And I've done it before with my longboard and skateboard.

How far apart are skateboard wheels?

depends on how long your trucks r

What is the difference between a long board and a skateboard?

A long board has bigger wheels then skate boards. Long board decks are usually longer and can vary in shape, while skateboard decks are generally uniform.

Can you long board on a normal skateboard?

not really. some people get the trucks and screw em onto the kicks of the deck but if you want to start longboarding (which is quite fun by the way) i would go out and buy a begginer board.

Should i get a longboard or penny board?

It depends on your preference, whether you would rather have a smaller board or a larger board. Penny boards are smaller and good for cruising, some may perform tricks with them, but they aren't really made for tricks. Longboards are larger than a skateboard, the trucks are different, and they are great for cruising and coasting long distance.

How long are long board trucks?

6 inches across

How much do skateboard trucks cost?

depends on what your willing to pay, but the prices ranges are about 34.99 up to 80.00 or so. dont buy any trucks cheaper than that or you will end up with trucks that wont turn or last as long as good trucks.Best if you buy your trucks form a skate shop so they can help you pick out the best trucks for your board.

Can you use long board bearings on a skateboard?

yes... unless if they are bearings for the bear trucks with the larger axle... but those are not standard on anything, even higher end longboards use standard bearings.

Should you long board or skateboard?

Whatever seems most fun.

Can skateboard trucks be used on long boards?

Voodoo 13: Most Skateboard and longbord trucks and are the same. If the trucks are wide enough for the longboard you can use them no problem. Longboards are generally wider at 8" - 10" - the trucks will need to be able to clear the wheels from the deck or you'll need to compensate with riser pads..

Can I learn to ride a long board?

Long boards are just as easy or even easier than riding a skateboard. Some people even first learn to ride on a long board before they start using a regular skateboard.

Are the different types of skateboard boards?

Professional skateboarders know that for optimum performance, aside from their skill level, the type of skateboard they use makes all the difference. For amateurs, all skateboards may appear to be created equal, but there are a few different skateboards to choose from. These skateboards basically differ in their various lengths and concave depths.There are two main types of skateboard: long and short. The different shapes of both long and short skateboards is very important as well. For expert tricks, the skateboard must be concave, which refers to the curve of the board in relation to the raised nose and tail of the skateboard. A concave board is especially important for performing difficult tricks, such as an Ollie. An Ollie is a jump that begins by tapping the tail of the skateboard and sliding the foot to the front of the board in the air.

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