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because kids are more sensitive to pain than adults are

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Do kids and adults play football in Belgium?

football is the most popular sport there so I would have to say yes.

Does high school football keeep kids fit?

yes any type of exercise is good for kids and adults.

Do kids learn faster then adults?


Can kids go to a concert with adults?

Yes, kids can go to concerts with adults.

Who will run faster kids or adults?

No, adults! They have longer legs!

Is this website for kids or for adults?

both kids and adults can go on here for any information

Is Yahoo Mail for kids or adults?

Yahoo mail can be used by both Kids and Adults.

Why aren't kids allowed to do what adults do?

Because if the kids do what the adults do then that can lead to bad things.

Is college for kids or adults?

Collage Is sometimes for kids, if they are older then 18.

Is puttputt for kids or adults?

Both kids and adults can have fun playing it, it is not age specific.

Is there a more population of kids or adults?

There are more Adults

Do kids or adults get leukemia most?

Older adults...

Are there more adults or kids on reality tv?


Are kids smarter or adults?

Kids because they just learned everything and adults cant remember.

Why do adults have kids?

They have kids to populate the universe

Do gay people affect kids?

Gay adults affect kids in exactly the same way that straight adults affect kids.

Do kids or adults have more energy?

Kids in the Morning time have more energy, but Adults have less. Kids have less energy at Night time, but Adults have more. So it's even

Do kids laugh more than adults?

yes because kids laugh easier than adults

When are kids considered an adults?

Kids are considered adults when they reach 18, which is the age of majority in most countries.

Are there more kids or adults in the world?

there are more kids than adults in the world

How many adults on the Titanic?

1999 adults were on Titanic and 1900 kids were on Titanic 100 kids died and 1030 adults died especially Men.

Who watches more TV adults or kids?

kids do because adults are always busy the only thing that adults watch are lifetime the news etc.

Is Justin Biebers shoe size in kids or adults?


Who is uses Google more kids or adults?

Adults, of course!!!

Why do adults hate kids?

Most adults do not hate kid and if they do hate you they probably don't hate kids in general.editI strongly disagree, Many adults hate kids because their annoying.