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Q: How are football shoes in the past different from the ones today?
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How are shoes in the olden days shoes different from today?

the heels then where ugly and the ones now are beautiful and nice.... DOLLARBOYZ

What does the first football look like?

They looked like the ones of today. Just a regular football.

What is the best pointe shoe?

There is no "best" pointe shoe. Pointe shoes have to do with how ones foot is shaped, and since everyone is different, people need different types of shoes. There are tons of brands of shoes, and tons of different sizes for each type. So, try all different types of pointe shoes, see which ones you like.

What can you say for why you love shoes?

Different ones for different outfits, they make you stand out or that they make you taller!

How was the television different from the one in your house?

well older televisoins are different from ours today because the older ones had dials and the ones today have a remote.

Were the first football rules different from the ones now?

yes they are...the English football assocation wrote the rules for football in 1863

What jobs did animals do?

they were mainly the same as the ones we do today. some of them were different and some animals were used in the war for different things. as i said they were mainly the same as ones we have today.

Are the footballs used in pro football different from the ones used in college football?

Yes, there is a slight dimensional difference.

Were can you get cheerleading shoes?

the best shoes you can get for cheerleading are Nfinity shoes. They have different ones and they weigh from 3.8 to 6.8 ounces. There the lightest cheerleading shoe. You can buy them cheap at

What are different types of dance shoes?

There are many different types... the ones i know of and i use are tap shoes - oxford style jazz shoes - you can get split sole or full sole, you can also get jazz trainers which you can wear for any style ballet shoes- basic ballet shoes, pointe shoes

Does Oman Excel in any sports and if so which ones?

Oman excels in one sport football today.

What are the differences between 1900-1990 football hooliganism and today?

Ones in Black and White the other in colour

What are the best women's minimalist running shoes?

The best ones on the market today are FiveFingers. They are as close to bare feet as they come.

Should I get barefoot running shoes or standard ones?

Barefoot running shoes are a very different feel, that do not necessarily agree with all users. If you are interested in these types of shoes, make sure to try them out.

What are different size footballs for?

The littler ones might be for Pop Warner Football, and as you get in the higher grades, the balls get bigger to the official NFL football.

Where can you buy water shoes?

Before you decide on buying water shoes, you should try to search first the best and appropriate water shoes for you or your loved ones. Try to go to, they provide different brands of water shoes and shoes for all ages.

What are the most comfy shoes?

Mostly, Tennis shoes. And if it's not tennis shoes then, ones that cover your toes.

What does it is better to wear out ones shoes than to wear out ones paper mean?

It means that papers are better than shoes so it is better to wear out your shoes than your paper

What shoes do dentist wear?

Comfortable ones.

What shoes do China people were?

Good ones

What evidence shows that organisms living millions or years ago were different from ones living today?


How is pasta different from today than when it was first created?

There are many more shapes, especially decorative ones/

How much does puma shoes cost?

depends which ones

How do you clean pointe shoes?

you cant clean point shoes you just buy new ones

What are the best shoes for shuffling?

The ones with a flat, non grippy sole. Preferably Skate shoes.