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=== === Points are calculated as follows: There are typically 3 judges for each fight. If a judge deems that fighter A has won or out boxed fighter B in a round, then he will score the round 10 to fighter A and 9 to fighter B. If fighter B is knocked down by fighter A and receives a standing count, then the round is scored 10 points to fighter A and 8 points to fighter B. If the judge decides that neither fighter won a round then he or she will score it 10 points to each fighter. If a fighter is a penalized by the referee, eg for a low blow, then the referee will instruct the judges to deduct a point for that fighter from their score card for that round only. The referee also scores each round on his own score card, but this only used if there is no clear winner from the judges. At the end of all 12 rounds the points are totaled for all the rounds and each judge gives his or her decision for the whole fight. So Judge 1 might score it 118 to fighter B and 119 to fighter A and give fighter A the decision. Judge 2 will give his total and Judge 3 will give his total. A Judge may total his scoring and both fighters receive the same total of points. The decision from that judge will be a draw. The fighter with the most judges' decisions wins. A split decision is one judge scores it a win for fighter A and the other two judges score it a win for fighter B. If however, one judge scores it a draw, one scores it a win for fighter A and one scores it a win for fighter B, then and only then is the referee's score card used to try and decide a winner. If there is still no outright winner the fight is classed as a draw (which is what most fans hate).

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Q: How are boxing fights scored?
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